Medium Format Chevy

Look – a photo of a tail fin. On a 1957 Chevrolet. Or at least on a plastic model of one. That I built in high school. In a poorly ventilated area. As you’ve probably guessed I was very popular with the ladies (and struggle with complete sentences).

Random friend: What are you doing this weekend, Robert?

Me: Oh, you know… I’m painting a tiny distributor cap. In a poorly ventilated area.

Random friend: *blank stare*

Just in case you were wondering this model broke in a recent move. Bummer, right?

You: *blank stare?*

About this image: Digital photo moderately manipulated


Ol’ Blue Eyes

I was considering saving this post for Frank’s birthday… but who can wait for next December? I don’t have that kind of patience. Also, some days I just feel “Ol’-er” than others, so this piece seemed appropriate.

Any favorite Frank tunes?

Anyone have blue eyes?

Anyone have ‘the voice’?

Anyone a chairman / chairwoman of the board?

About this image: Charcoal drawing/portrait with digital selective coloring – gel medium transfer onto record (not an authentic Frank – it’s the Harmonicats… if I remember correctly) mounted on 8″x10″ panel.


Yet another darkroom special – I’m totally rocking my archives pretty hard lately, dudes and dudettes. I do kinda’ like this one. Probably because it took me so long to print this beast (although with Photoshop this might be about a ten minute job – at the most).

Mid-tones? We don’t need no stinkin’ mid-tones. But it’s ‘for on purpose though’. Really. I tend to print many photos super-contrasty. It’s so emotive… so dark and brooding! I think my almost exclusive use of the No. 5 split printing filter makes me seem super artsy-like… don’t you?!

About this image: Ilford 35mm film (who would’ve guessed, eh?) top image enlarged, film strips contact printed.


Ah yes, another digital photo I’ve massacred in Photoshop. I’m like the Hulk Hogan of… over-editing. Anyway, I shot this beast on a bridge spanning  the Red River – somewhere between Grand Forks North Dakota and East Grand Forks Minnesota. Inter-domestic waters, as they don’t say (or… over them, I guess).

And speaking of  destruction… ‘which photo is next?! Whatcha’ gonna’ do when these 4 inch pythons come for you, borther’?!

About This Image: Digital Photo highly manipulated in Photoshop


Hey, man… you can put your *wheat* in there (insert your own original and/or modified Saturday Night Live quote here)!  That line was highly revised, and let’s face it… not quite on par with the Bass-O-Matic or Cowbell skits. Any favorite material of your own? Oh well. You probably aren’t here here for my SNL lecture series… unless… you’re that clever land-shark, aren’t you?!

About this image: Digital Photo (elevator in Alton, Illinois) highly manipulated digitally and transferred onto… uhh… faux  iron framework on/inside 12″x12″ panel.

Scene from an Apartment (liquid emulsion)

As if Monday’s aren’t crazy enough, right?

Sometimes being thick skulled is a good thing – like when… uh… what was it I was going to say again? My memory just isn’t what it used to be, and I have no idea why. Anyway, this is another image I made in one of my college photo classes. Good times! I think. From what I can remember of them, anyway.

About this image: Ilford 35mm film – printed with liquid emulsion on three 4″x6″ canvas panels .

First Attempt at Light Painting

I recently came across an interesting article on light painting – and I gave it a try last night. There’s no expensive special equipment required – just your camera, a tripod, shutter release cable and a flashlight. Then, in low ambient light use long exposure times and the flashlight to ‘paint’ light on your subject(s). Blah blah blah. It is a lot of fun… and you can get some fairly interesting results.

What have I learned from all of this?

1. I need better subject matter.

2. There are apples buried in the back of our fridge (I have no idea how they got there).

3. I am not a wine drinker (evidence? label falling off old bottle and dirty, dirty glass).

*whew* That was fun. Now beer me, please!

About this image: Digital photo, 30 second exposure… at… f-11-ish? Moderately manipulated (quite a bit of dodging and burning with levels adjustment layers, etc.)


Okay, I can admit it… I still think ‘trains is ‘perty cool’. Someday I’d love to have an extremely small scale 20’s era cityscape/train set (built-in under a glass topped coffee table). I might be alone in this thought, though; it’s probably my When Harry Met Sally wagon wheel coffee table moment.

Speaking of trains, I used to be employed by an architectural firm practicing out of a remodeled depot – where I worked diligently got to watch railroad stuff all the time. The trains would literally shake the building… it was pretty cool.

About this image: Digital photograph lightly manipulated. I think the shallow depth of field works well in this shot… although I doubt I can be credited for that. This was one of the first digital photos I took, and my camera was likely set on full auto. But I still like to pretend I’m responsible for everything you see here.


My camera – she’s-a so ‘new’… but I like photos that look-a so old! Okay, my camera isn’t that new.  Still, its not like I’m loading wet plates into the thing (which would be so cool – I hope to explore all kinds of alternative photographic processes… someday). *sigh*

I digitally manipulated this shot quite a bit (trying to make it to read… older). If you’re like my wife, that crooked horizon probably irritates you a bit. I did straighten it… and try it at even sharper angles, but I ‘likes’ it this way, so this is how it stays *arms crossed defiantly over chest*. Good day, everyone – I’m off to row. Up-hill!

About this image: Ilford 35mm film scan, digitally toned, blurred, vignetted, scratched and beat to he-double hockey sticks. Mercilessly.

Evasive Action with Dick and Jane

Come, Dick. Come, Jane. Come, come. Come and see. Come and see this weird*** painting (then duck and cover like you really mean it)! Yeah, so clearly my painting draftsmanship could use a little work, but… well… I’m on it. Give me another 30 or so years and these suckers might even pass as… passable! Now where did I leave my haz-mat suit and geiger counter again?! Oh… and I think we’re out of T.P., too (that’s just great)!

About this image: Acrylic on 16″x16″panel