Hello, world… please allow myself to introduce… myself… with this self-portrait of sorts.

So… I used to do a blasé webcomic, which was a lot of fun for me because I got to meet a lot of great people. And make stuff. Unfortunately it took me way to long to make that type of stuff. BUT I still have a strange compulsion to make… umm… other kitschy things. AND I have a ton of marginal work (even some new stuff), and perhaps a few old friends who might feel guiltied inspired to visit, so why not share this material with my semi-captive thrilled audience! I’ll be posting photos, drawings, paintings, mixed-media, etc. two or three times a week  (depending on the happity-haps in my hectic life).  So please stop by every now and then: leave a comment if you’d like! I promise you will won’t be sorry!

About this image: a lightly manipulated digital photo from my university days. Yup, that’s me, doing some hard-rockin’ work in the darkroom (which I dearly miss). I left the shutter open from start to finish of whatever print I was making at the time. Ahh… I can smell the chemistry just thinking about it…


14 thoughts on “Darkroom

      • Anything that can pull Lynn out of the woodwork might be good. Sorry I haven’t been here yet. Have been out of town and now need to do a lot of catch up like add you to my rss reader and add the banner to my links page.

        • It was probably a pity comment, but I’ll take it! I really appreciate her stopping by (as I do the great Bearman, of course)! Don’t even mention it, sir – you are always way to generous with your time to begin with! 🙂

    • Yeah… it’s been less than a week… I’ve only just started this blog. Thanks for stopping by the new place, Tony!
      I’ve put sillier things than that in comment info boxes before I’m sure! 🙂

    • Thanks, Binky – I appreciate that!
      I really enjoyed creating the webcomic – but unfortunately it took me a VERY long time to create a strip. Someday (when I have a bit more time) I’d like to give it another shot. I definitely need to improve my writing skills, though. And I’d like to create all my outlines by hand (change up viewpoints, etc. way more too).

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    • Thanks, P&K! That was mostly luck of the draw…
      I pretty much just kept moving the camera around and making a print. In all honesty it was pretty difficult to even see what I was doing… it was so dark in there!

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