Chaos Theory

If I remember correctly I created this beast for a college digital imaging class. The instructor, Mark Douglas, produces work in a super clean, elegant style which I really admire – so I completely ripped him off was totally inspired. Another noteworthy source of inspiration: Ashton Kutcher’s powerful performance on Punk’d in the Butterfly Effect.

About This Image: Primarily digital media. I created half the butterfly in pencil, scanned/mirrored that drawing and then overlayed it on a scan of aluminum foil. The compass was also scanned. It took me ages to photograph the water splashing; I  dropped a quarter into a glass of water at least half a million times. There’s some other Adobe Photoshop stuff in there too (blah blah blah). Oh… and that formula (Adobe Illustrator)  is somehow related to wave action. I think. Possibly. Somehow. A bit. Well… let’s just say it is, okay?


8 thoughts on “Chaos Theory

  1. I remember the water droplet giving you major problems! But the one you ended up with looks great. I love your butterfly too.

    • Might have created a coordination issue for me. Kinda’ like trying to walk, snap my fingers and chew gum all at the same time (you just know that chain is going to break somewhere… and in a major way)! 🙂

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