Evasive Action with Dick and Jane

Come, Dick. Come, Jane. Come, come. Come and see. Come and see this weird*** painting (then duck and cover like you really mean it)! Yeah, so clearly my painting draftsmanship could use a little work, but… well… I’m on it. Give me another 30 or so years and these suckers might even pass as… passable! Now where did I leave my haz-mat suit and geiger counter again?! Oh… and I think we’re out of T.P., too (that’s just great)!

About this image: Acrylic on 16″x16″panel


14 thoughts on “Evasive Action with Dick and Jane

  1. See Dick & Jane. See Dick & Jane die of radiation caused cancer. Die Dick, die Jane. Die Die, Die Bwahahahaha!!!

    See this is the reason you have no time for Spilled Ink Cartoons because you are using all your time for painting & carpentry… I do enjoy seeing your photography & artwork though

    • You might be right about that, Tony. I’ve been working on this stuff for years, though… so if I don’t have time to make something new it’s unlikely I’ll run out of random stuff to share. 🙂

    • I have plans to make one for mother and father as well. I think father is going to be spending a bit too much time at the track and mother is going to be hitting the sauce pretty hard. There’s nothing quite like messing with classics. 🙂

  2. Your ending quips rather remind me of… well they remind me of ‘Me’ actually as it something that I often say too… Now where did I leave my Cape? Ahhhh yes there it is over there by the third tombstone 🙂 lol Now how wicked is that for a striking similarity? lol

    By the way I like your painting too 🙂


    • It’s funny… sometimes it seems like I spend just as much time trying to write a paragraph or two per post as I do creating the image!
      Well, I guess it’s really more frustrating than funny… but what can you do?!
      Thank you so much!

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