It’s that very special time of year… where I post a photo of the random, Valentine’s Day junk I made for my lovely wifey. AND introduce you to the SpilledInkGuy / Refrigerator Magnate school of how not to miter a joint.

Here at the SIG-RM school of how not to miter a joint you will learn how to: go through a small forest of lumber (and not produce any random complementary angles, much less two 45’s)! We may not demonstrate industry standards OR be… literate, but we’re totally on the cheap! Just 4 easy payments of $19.95 for a poorly Photoshopped degree! Huzzah!

About this image: Mixed media… found objects… n’ stuff. On/in an 8″x8″ Panel.

E Pluribus Unum

Hey, hey it’s Abe’s birthday (well, tomorrow, anyway)! That’s why I’ve posted this mixed media 3/4 Abe Lincoln Face I made a while back for my sister.

Me: Happy b-dizzle tomorrow, big A!

3/4 Abe Lincoln Face: We’ll, HONESTLY, 3/4 of my face does feel a year older.

Me: Well, as they say, it sure beats the alternative, I guess.

3/4 Abe Lincoln Face: You said it, bro.

About this image: charcoal drawing, digital text, and copy of Lincoln’s inaugural; gel medium transfer on copper toned 10″x10″ panel.

Car 1351

This photo always reminds me of that great Soul Asylum song… you know the one… Runaway Trolley (er… um… something like that).

Runaway trolley never goin’ back…

Tryin’ to pick up speed on 20 feet of track…

Museum signs officially prohibit…

Visitors  climbing on to the exhibit…

About this image: I stole borrowed my wife’s 35 mm fish-eye camera to take this double exposed photo outside the Saint Louis History Museum. The image has been lightly manipulated.

Chaos Theory

If I remember correctly I created this beast for a college digital imaging class. The instructor, Mark Douglas, produces work in a super clean, elegant style which I really admire – so I completely ripped him off was totally inspired. Another noteworthy source of inspiration: Ashton Kutcher’s powerful performance on Punk’d in the Butterfly Effect.

About This Image: Primarily digital media. I created half the butterfly in pencil, scanned/mirrored that drawing and then overlayed it on a scan of aluminum foil. The compass was also scanned. It took me ages to photograph the water splashing; I  dropped a quarter into a glass of water at least half a million times. There’s some other Adobe Photoshop stuff in there too (blah blah blah). Oh… and that formula (Adobe Illustrator)  is somehow related to wave action. I think. Possibly. Somehow. A bit. Well… let’s just say it is, okay?


It’s toy camera time! This was shot with my 35mm Holga (at Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park). Sometimes it’s fun to go low-tech, and not worry about things like metering, f-stops, or… you know… looking in the same general direction your camera is pointed.

This was a long enough exposure that you can see the earth’s rotation in the moon and stars – which I thought was kinda’ neat. Of course, I was all hoped up on hot dogs and S’mores  at the time, so take that for what it’s worth, I guess.

About This Image: 35mm Holga lightly manipulated


I’ve always admired photographers who aren’t afraid to maul their negatives in order to achieve interesting effects. I can’t handle the stress, though. That’s why I worked-over a piece of film leader to digitally combine with this photo.

Me: “Film, I’m totally gonna’ mess you up. I will envelope you in a cocoon of pain!”

Film: “In your dreams, amateur!”

Me: “I’m gonna’ tear you up for fun, and then I’ll drop you in the second!”

(Okay, so we went for a full twelve rounds and the result was a split-decision, but I still eked out  a narrow victory. Kinda.)

About this image: Ilford 35mm film scan(s) digitally combined and highly manipulated.


Hello, world… please allow myself to introduce… myself… with this self-portrait of sorts.

So… I used to do a blasé webcomic, which was a lot of fun for me because I got to meet a lot of great people. And make stuff. Unfortunately it took me way to long to make that type of stuff. BUT I still have a strange compulsion to make… umm… other kitschy things. AND I have a ton of marginal work (even some new stuff), and perhaps a few old friends who might feel guiltied inspired to visit, so why not share this material with my semi-captive thrilled audience! I’ll be posting photos, drawings, paintings, mixed-media, etc. two or three times a week  (depending on the happity-haps in my hectic life).  So please stop by every now and then: leave a comment if you’d like! I promise you will won’t be sorry!

About this image: a lightly manipulated digital photo from my university days. Yup, that’s me, doing some hard-rockin’ work in the darkroom (which I dearly miss). I left the shutter open from start to finish of whatever print I was making at the time. Ahh… I can smell the chemistry just thinking about it…