Of Mardi Gras & Fake Daguerreotypes

It just wouldn’t be Mardi Gras without a mask… and fake daguerreotypes (until I can learn how to make real ones).  Yeah, I know, according to AlternativePhotography.com,

“Daguerreotypy employs toxic chemicals that improperly handled can do irreparable damage to your lungs, nervous system, environment, family, pets, and neighbors…”

Blah blah blah. Whatever. I still think this old photographic process is ridiculously interesting. In the mean time I guess I’ll stick to acrylic and aluminum flashing fakery. *sigh*

Party on, everyone!

About this image: Digital photo highly manipulated – gel medium transfer onto aluminum


31 thoughts on “Of Mardi Gras & Fake Daguerreotypes

  1. For the most part I think I am fluent in “Robert”! 😛 This is really cool! I think it was worth all the effort. I also think I might have to be on vacation with Dharma if you ever decide to try the real thing! Sounds a little scary!

  2. beautiful!! you continue to amaze me with the quality & variety of your work. this photo is so lovely, it looks just like a vintage sketch!

  3. it didnt come across as a fake at all…grins..its got a definite vintage feel to it…kewlbeans!

    infact..so much so…made me want to write something…

    Life as a business of daily living
    isnt much fun
    as a jane austen heroine
    central only to the writer’s whims
    the novella proceeds as rather grim
    the characters strain , left loose
    taking on a life of their own
    breathe in
    breathe out
    sensations full blown
    a sudden leap from a genteel series
    to 70 mm big screen flick
    chastise myself for not being able
    to stand the heat
    screw this real living
    refusing to follow the original plot
    abandoning the manuscript
    how dare she not !
    the dialogs graduating to undecipherable prose
    delivered by others
    central to their whims, as they chose
    the art no more surreal
    my victorian heroine in repose
    running my tongue over my lips
    i reflect, taste a long forgotten kiss
    and what of the words left unspoken foolishly missed
    conclusions drawn early
    immature incoherent deliveries
    or is this how this jane austen proceeds
    a maturation of a woman into adulthood
    the business of daily living has always been crude
    sense and sensibility usually lag behind
    persuasion often subtle
    prejudices with sly cold fingers that claw and bind
    i dont want to be Enobarbus’s description of cleopatra
    life as a heroine isnt much fun
    somebody sometime
    needs to edit the dratted heartburn

    sonny….[ hmmm…i like it…i might even post this on my page ]

    • Amazing! Did you really just write that on the spot?! I’m beyond impressed! It usually takes me all day of editing and re-editing just to write the paragraph or two I post in my blog (and it still sounds awful)! Dang! I wish I were better with words so I could say more… but… did I mention amazing?! 🙂

          • i think that every time i see someone with endlessly long legs and long curly hair…sigh

            but then i come back…grin at myself in the mirror and say….good things …like dynamite…comes in small packages…hehe

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