Beethoven… (in progress)

I decided to change things up today and post something… unfinished. Well, the drawing is finished, but that’s only part of this project. Hopefully I’ll have the final product ready to show you in the next week or two. What a cliff-hanger. Wow.

Me: “Sorry I’ve abstracted your hair so much, drawing of someone else’s photo of a bust of Ludwig van Beethoven.”

LvB: “Whatev’. My hair is naturally stubborn. Like it’s made of marble.

Me: “Bummer, dude.”

LvB: “You’re telling me. I condition every 24 hours… still nothing. Lamesville.”

About this image: Charcoal on Bristol Board


25 thoughts on “Beethoven… (in progress)

  1. Hey Spilled Charcoal Guy that is one incredibly fantastic drawing. Well done. I think his hair needs some more conditioner though as it still looks a bit too firm

  2. You have the kind of talent that reminds me of a kid in a beginning drawing class who could do the same. Had a stupid grad student teaching the class who could only do abstract crap. His line was always, “If I wanted a picture of it, I would bring my camera” Needless to say that was the last art class I ever took and went on to be a business major..haha

    • Art kids, right? Most are a little off… but that keeps things interesting, I guess.
      You’ve got talents in both worlds (art and business)… I envy you, my green-haired friend! πŸ™‚

    • Luckily most of my instructors were ridiculously talented both as artists and as teachers…
      I did have one or two who seemed to spend all their time intimidating students, though. Constructive criticism is a good thing, but I saw a few very talented people scared away (by near bullying). I’ve never been able to get my mind around that… seems the exact opposite of what you’d be trying to do…

  3. I’m getting tired of saying this, but you are really talented! Another fantastic drawing. It really does look like a photograph. And there’s so much emotion in that face.

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