Houdini… (in progress)

Okay… I just posted a drawing two days ago. For a project that wasn’t finished. So what could be better than posting another drawing? For another project. That isn’t finished. It’s a two-fer. And a race to see which piece I actually complete first. What a nail-biter.

Beethoven: “Dude… I was like… totally here first!”

Houdini: ” Yeah, well… I know magic!”

Beethoven: “Muah. I know kung fu!”

Houdini: “I know the kung fu hustle!”

Beethoven: “Well played, sir… well played!”

About this image: Charcoal on Bristol Board


24 thoughts on “Houdini… (in progress)

  1. This drawing reminds me of a face in the opening credit animation of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Nice work.

  2. Is it normal for viewers to be unable to break eye contact with your picture of Houdini?
    Well done if that was your intent, but I’m a bit worried. It’s been ninety minutes and he shows no signs of weakening.

  3. Boy Mr. H & Batey really had something going down. You Sir are a very skilled artist. You have drawn his eyes amazingly. I was trying to out stare him but he made me look away each time. How does he do that anyway???

  4. Looks like we both have Houdini on our minds today. If I may ask how are your numbers doing. Mine are through the roof on his birthday!

    • What’s funny is I didn’t plan this – although this sort of thing happens to me quite a bit for some reason.

      Not at all – actually I’m doing pretty average so far… glad to hear that you are doing so well, though – and thanks very much for stopping by, Bob! 🙂

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