Spires (anthotype)

Ever wonder what to do with that can of beets that’s been in your pantry for a decade or two? Why not make an image with it?!

Sunlight tends to fade… stuff. This is true of pigments found in flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc.  – enter the anthotype printing process (basically coating paper with photosensitive plant material and contact printing in direct sunlight). How ’bout them apples (or… beets, I guess)?

Note: Different plants require various exposure times, and (unfortunately) I know of no way to permanently ‘fix’ an anthotype from further solar ‘bleaching’.

About this image: Watercolor paper coated with beet juice – contact printed with transparency in direct sunlight (approx. 35 hours +/-)


33 thoughts on “Spires (anthotype)

  1. I’m glad Annabelle pointed out the bird — so subtle I almost missed it.

    Inky – you continue to astound with your extraordinary talent and creativity. Who would have thought beets could produce something so exquisite?! Otherwise, I abhor them!

    • It is, isn’t it? Some time I should post the regular photo for comparison.

      You are simply too kind, Dishy! I’m not a huge fan of beets, either (but if anyone could turn them around it would be you)! 🙂

      • You are too sweet. I have like 3 recipes for beets on The Daily Dish and even those I’m not that big on. Although I *did* find a recipe for Beet Raita last night at the library.. and checked it out, just in case. But I still think I’ll hate it. There’s just something about beets I cannot stand.

        • I don’t know what it is about beets… but they seem very polarizing. People either love them or hate them. I’m about the only person I can think of who tends to be indifferent… interesting (as far as beets go, I guess)! 🙂

    • I wish I could take credit for the idea…
      Sir John Herschel started this craze back in 1842 (at least according to Wikipedia, anyway. And Wikipedia is must be right. Right?!)

  2. Looks like a sleeveless T-shirt someone washed with a brand new red shirt. Just sayin’… It is a really cool looking effect

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