Of Indecisiveness… Or Not…

TECHNICALLY, St. Patrick’s day is tomorrow. But there’s a problem. I’m a wee bit indecisive… so to speak. If I have an idea for a theme rather than a specific ‘vision’ (*insert swami music here*) for a finished product, I can never choose just one way to go with that project.

So it seems this post is destined to be a two day party (as I’ve got multiple versions of the above). Be sure to tune in again tomorrow for… more-o the same. Only different. Kinda’. At the very least you can decide which image you like more. It’ll be fun. Honest. Maybe. Or… not…

About this image: digital photograph – moderately modified


26 thoughts on “Of Indecisiveness… Or Not…

  1. Now, let’s be truthful. Looks like someone started the party during Mardi Gras and then decided, ‘Ah, what the hell…’ to continue on through St. Patty’s Day… 😉

  2. maybe the surprise if going to be that you’re all drunk on that green beer one is supposed to drink..?

    i do like the end result of your moderate editing here..esp. the way the silhouette of the bottle stands out…

  3. I actually like this one better than the next fully colour one. The green beads look really great amongst the B&W

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