Of St. Patrick’s and Polaroids…

So here’s another version of the same thing I posted yesterday. Very exciting, right? We try to keep things original. Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful St. Patrick’s day!

*Disclaimer* Although several stereotypes have been employed here, no leprechauns were at all harmed in the production of this fake Polaroid.

About this image: digital photograph highly manipulated


26 thoughts on “Of St. Patrick’s and Polaroids…

  1. *Gulp gulp gulp* BEER ME AGAIN! πŸ˜›

    This one is awesome! Very authentic! I love it!

    (P.S. Honey, add beer to our grocery list…)

  2. I’m going to be brutally honest too. I am half Irish on my father’s side of the ancestry line & I hate Guinness. There I said it & now the whole world knows of my shame… 😦

  3. you have to understand posting a pic of green pearls does not qualify as wearing green ..so i hope like hell you got your tush pinched….

    as to the photo…i do adore polaroids..but here i will go for the earlier one…it somehow added that special something to turn a mundane bottle of beer into something else altogether…

    • How about if I carry around my monitor with me all day long? That should earn me some festive points, right?!

      I really like Polaroids too… but I just couldn’t decide… too many options! πŸ™‚

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