This is a field next to my parent’s house in rural North Dakota. Do ya’ like how I threw ‘rural’ in there? As if wheat randomly pops up in the sprawling urban center nearest you?

And now, aΒ  conversation between yours truly and a fictional tourist in the sprawling urban center nearest me:

Tourist: “Can you tell me how to get to TGI Friday’s?”

Me: “Let’s see… go 2 blocks north, and take a left at the field.”

Tourist: “The corn field, or the wheat field?”

Me: “Either will get you to that Appletini, chief, but I’d take wheat. Traffic is murder in the corn at this time of day…”

About this image: Ilford 35mm film scan moderately modified


35 thoughts on “Wheat

  1. So pretty! It makes me want summer… and beer for some reason. Maybe that is just a left over desire from yesterday still…

  2. Nice, very nice. If I may ask, what are you using to do your editing? I love the look. As in my “real” job, I’m a history museum director, I would love to be able to “age” some images like that for work.

    • Not at all!
      I use Photoshop almost exclusively.
      I scan scratched up film leaders to create dust/scratches as well as pieces of hand painted paper for ‘borders’. I almost always abuse adjustment layers, blending modes and the blur filter, as well. I find putting a soft vignette / burning-in the edges often helps, too.
      If you ever have any specific questions please do ask – I’m happy to help if/when ever I can! πŸ™‚

  3. I like it Robert. For some reason this shot made me think of the WPA photos of the thirties…maybe the work rural draws me that direction. Nice post-processing.

  4. Rural was a nice touch. Murder in the corn… Wasn’t there a movie about that? I was in rural Tasmania yesterday. I love getting out of town & being surrounded by farmland & cows & sheep & manure…

  5. My wife’s parents live on a farm and everyone gives directions by saying turn at the barley field, if you’ve reached the alfalfa field you’ve gone too far, but they all look the same to me.

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