Houdini… (complete)

So, just to bore thrill my captive readers a bit more, I’ve decided to post my completed ‘Houdini Project’. It has changed slightly from before, after some general abuse and just a tiny bit of fire damage (pretty much just a standard weekday around here).

Anyway, tune in again tomorrow for something different-ish. And remember, only you can prevent Houdini fires. Or… something like that.

About this image: charcoal drawing – digitally colored, distressed and mounted in 8″x10″ frame… thing.


31 thoughts on “Houdini… (complete)

  1. He is so awesome! It’s hard to see just how cool this is in 2D. I wish everyone could see it at all angles like I can!

  2. Great work once again. The frame looks like he’s locked inside a metal box waiting to do an escape trick. His eyes are still creepy

  3. I truly love this picture. I would put it up in my home at the top of stairs and when my enemies reach the top Houdini will lock them in place with his hypnotic stare. And that’s when I jump out and push them down the stairs. ‘You just got Houdini’ed, bee-atch!’
    But seriously, how do I get this picture?

      • I can’t stop thinking about this picture. Houdini’s gaze has exerted some hypnotic hold on me. I want to put this picture in my home and hypnotize guests to my own nefarious ends. Are you selling this picture? Seriously.

        • That’s very kind of you to say, G.G. – WOW!

          While anything/everything is for sale, it takes me way to long to make a piece (and then I get all emotional/needy and fall in love with it) so things run on the ‘spensive side…

          ‘Houdini’ is 8x10x1.5″ deep (I would let it go for a bit less than an iphone in the U.S. market 🙂 )

          If you have any questions please feel free to comment here or e-mail: spilledinkmail@yahoo.com

          Thanks, G.G.!

          • I can understand growing attached to something after spending so much time working on it. I felt the same way when I sold one of my kids. I’m sure the iPhone price is an appropriate price. I’ll try and convince my wife to sell her phone and use the Houdini pic as a communication alternative to allow her to commune mentally with the world of the spirits.

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