Mr. Smiley

Today, a former Grand Forks North Dakota legend of sorts: that’s right… a winking water tower. I’m not sure when this beast was originally constructed (before my time, I believe). Anyway, due to escalating maintenance costs ‘Mr. Smiley’ was recently torn down and replaced with a newer, less winky tank-o-H2O.

Silly as it seems I kinda’ miss thisΒ  ridiculous thing; (which is part of the reason I made this image so contrasty) I’m a little bitter. I’m sure Mr. Smiley would not have wanted that… he was as optimistic as any inanimate object could be. So long, you oxidized old fellow (I’m off to get a tetanus shot).

About this image: digital photograph heavily modified


30 thoughts on “Mr. Smiley

    • Hahaha!
      I have to admit I’ve never seen β€œFootloose”, but now I feel like I should watch it. On a related note, I’ve been told I look nothing at all like Kevin Bacon. πŸ™‚

  1. I just hate when landmarks are torn down. Just recently a huge water tank that stood proudly beside one of the city’s interstates and touted the one of the city suburbs name got torn down.

    And several years back our city suburb has a famous landmark “The Big Chicken” which is actually a Kentucky Fried Chicken store with a huge chicken hovering over it, was about to be taken down, but luckily was salvaged at the last moment by some entity.

    • I’m sure the next time I make it back to see my family I will miss seeing this tower. It was quite popular with many people (there was even a group that tried to prevent it’s demolition). It wouldn’t have been very practical to keep it, but I was still kinda’ sad to see it go. πŸ™‚

      • well…atleast you have an amazing photo to remember it with….i mean how truly fab that someone thought about drawing a smiley on a water tank….lmao….

        okay…now am gonna go get some work done…its 6.30 am here in New Delhi….and i just couldn’t resist taking a peek at yours and jills page…


        • Definitely the sort of thing I wish I could take credit for!

          Wow! I don’t know if I’ve ever been remotely conscious at 6:30 am! Thanks for stopping by, Sonny – I always appreciate it! πŸ™‚

  2. He looks like he’s ready to blast off into space. Farewell Mister Smiley even though we never met you will be missed…

  3. I love the finished product here! Your aging process is incredible. As the nature of my “real” job, I’m a museum guy and I get to see a lot of old pictures and yours are incredibly “realistic”, if that makes any sense.

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