This is my wife’s old L.C. Smith & Bros. typewriter. It just might be the most technologically advanced thing in our store. Anyway, Anna is an aspiring novelist who loves vintage ‘machines’, and I love photographing them (so that all works out nicely).

Speaking of writing, if I could string a coherent sentence or two together this blog would improve dramatically. Oh well. It’s a good thing I’ve got lots more images, I guess.

About this image: digital photograph moderately modified


34 thoughts on “Type

  1. the beauty of your blog lies in the lack of words…though am not saying your whacky sense of humour isn’t attractive…it is….
    and anna being the novelist..its gods way of balancing your life…lol

    thats a cool close up…if you hadn’t said what it is i’d never have guessed…

    • Thank you so very much, Sonny –
      you are far too kind… it might be as close to being ‘well-balanced’ as I’ll ever get!

      Especially since the typeface is seen ‘mirrored’ – that really makes things seem a bit strange (I think, anyway).


  2. Roll on the pics.
    Does Anna, your wife, have a blog – or is she actually getting on with the writing (unlike me)?

    • Thank you, B.W.!
      My wife doesn’t have a blog yet (although I think she’s planning one). She has nearly completed editing her first novel, though – which impresses the heck out of me! 🙂

        • My novel is a work in progress to say the least. I still have a bit more editing to do but overall I’d say I’m 98.2% done! My problem is I have too many interests/hobbies… sometimes it is actually a bit overwhelming! I wish I had about 20 more hours a day and someone would pay me to just be creative/make cool stuff! Ahh… in a perfect world…

  3. There is just something about old typewrites, eh? I feel sorry for the kids of today who have never typed on one. I can remember doing so on my mom’s old beast. Oh, and when they came out with the corective white tape! Happy times!

    Nice image….

  4. I remember in 1st year high school we had to do compulsory typing lessons & I wasted so many pieces of paper. They never did get the “spellchecker” or “undo” software installed on those things

    • Hahaha…
      that’s my downfall as well! It usually takes me several attempts to type a word that’s close enough for spell check to even find a correct replacement for! 🙂

  5. I learned to type on an antique (even then) Smith Corona. And children are missing out having to type in three dimensions rather than on a flat keyboard. Having said that, I recently dug out an old computer with a standard desktop keyboard and nearly broke my fingers trying to hit the keys properly.

    I would love to know when Annabelle’s book comes out. She is a shoe in for an interview at M3. If you married her, she comes highly recommended. Or wait, did she marry you? Either way, you know I love new authors.

    As to the picture… I love the perspective. It reveals something even people who have typed on one may never realize…See how the keys appear to be out of line? They were all measured just so to keep the lines straight when the keys struck the paper. As they age, the joints in the hammer shafts wear out and the lines of letters get wonky.

    For all the brats who think there was no precision to the old way we did things, they are very mistaken. Great shot.

    • My mother still has an old Smith Corona somewhere! I wish we had a better ribbon in my wife’s typewriter… I love old type (and I tend to use it all the time, too)! It takes a lot more time ‘grunge-ing-up’ computer fonts, and it’s nearly impossible to get all the wonderful subtle variations you do with the real thing!

      Annabelle would be absolutely THRILLED at the opportunity, Red! It might be a little while, yet… she’s on her fourth or fifth pass through her ‘final draft’, though… so I’m hoping it will be a bit sooner than later. It’s been a major life-goal for her, though, so I can understand her wanting to take the time to ‘get it right’.

      So much engineering went into things like this! And when you stop to think about it, pout some of those ‘old’ things next to something you go out and buy today and it’s NO CONTEST which one’s quality will keep it working longer! Newer ‘ aint ‘ always better!

      Thanks much, Red!


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