I figured since I was on a typewriter kick I would post one more of these photos before I ‘return‘ to my irregularly scheduled programming. Get it… ‘return‘?

I just flew in from Cleveland, and boy, are my ears tired. *cricket chirping*

But seriously folks, is this thing on? *cough*

*tinkly piano music* I think they’re playing me off…

About this image: digital photograph moderately modified


29 thoughts on “Return

  1. As much as I love the convenience and simplicity of my computer, I think we as people lost something when PCs replaced this old fashioned “real” machinery.

    Lovely pic as usual, Inky.

  2. It’s super cool! That little ball of fuzz makes me feel like I should dust more often though… lol. But it does fit with the photo! We’ll just say we left it like that on purpose! 😛

    • Thanks, Red!
      Other than the crop and some dodging /burning and curves/leves etc. I didn’t do too much with this one (other than adding a bit of blur and some dust and scratches, I guess)!

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