Pyrus Vitrum (cyanotype)

Maybe I should start out by saying I’m not a big fan of pears. The funny thing is, I always think, “if I just give them another chance I will like them”. They look like they should be… sweeter than they are. And taste… different than they do. Also there’s something about their texture… it’s just a bit off. I think.

I did a wholeΒ  series of ‘pears’ back in the day (although I probably won’t subject you to many more of them). This image I do like quite a bit, though… it’s my one remaining ‘authentically genuine’ cyanotype! Granted these things are very, very easy to ‘fake’ in Photoshop, but… still.

This is not exactly ‘your grandfathers still life’, but please bear with me (I’ve got something a little less… bizarre for tomorrow). I’ll try limit CrAzY posts to one per week, because that, dear readers, is just how I roll.

About thisΒ  image: cyanotype printed on watercolor paper – from digital photograph/negative


29 thoughts on “Pyrus Vitrum (cyanotype)

  1. OOOh I LOVE the frankenpears!!

    I understand your complaints about them – pears go soft too fast, sometimes, and their texture can be grainy. Next time you buy some, try the brown Bosc variety and keep them in the crisper bin in the fridge. I LOVE boscs far more than D’Anjou, the green guys.

    Listen, I spent some time yesterday checking out The Painted Moon website – so wonderful!! You & Anna are doing such a fabulous job. I have family out in Saint Louis and will have to encourage them to stop in when they get a chance. My aunt had a stroke last year and has always been a lover of the arts. I bet she and my cousins would LOVE an outing at your store. I also checked out your Zazzle shop, though I wish you had some fine art pieces for sale there too. *hint hint*

    Keep up the awesome work, Inky & Anna! And long live the painted moon!

    PS: I even “liked” the store on FB – do I get a prize?! LOL

    • Thank you very much, Dishy! I’m a bit fond of my pears, too (they even got me into a show once) – I couldn’t believe it!

      It seems every pear I’ve ever tried has been grainy – although I must admit I’ve never tried the non-green variety (I’ll try work up the courage to try one some day)!

      Thank you very much, Dishy – we really do appreciate that! I am very sorry to hear about your aunt – (a few of my few family members have suffered strokes, too) – that’s a very difficult thing to go through…

      At some point Anna & I will have more fine art online (we’re working on putting something together), but I am a little slow…


  2. I too dislike the texture/taste of pears. Sticking staples in pears and photographing them is about the only way to truly enjoy them in my opinion! ‘Thems not for the eatin’!’ or something like that… πŸ˜›

  3. I go through the same experience with pears. Every couple years I forget what they taste like and try them again and I’m always disappointed. I have the same experience with British beer. Every couple years I forget how bad Old Speckled Hen and Boddington’s Pub Ale are and I try them again.

    • They are the chameleons of fruit. Chameleon might actually taste better, though.

      I’ve not tried either of those brews… if I ever come across one, I’ll try remember they’re the pears of beer (and find something… better). πŸ™‚

  4. I am here to defend the reputation of the magnificent pear! I love pears! Probably my favourite fruit. And in that vein, I do find your image a bit disturbing. I don’t even want to think about those other poor pears you’ve maligned!

    • Thank you very much, S.E.!
      I have other pieces that are in a similar vein, so stay tuned! I’m just trying to ‘balance’ my posts out, (media/style/subject matter, etc.) although that’s probably easier said than done…

  5. Gosh they are creepy pears. Hey that’s a pair of pears. Does that actually make 4? They look like Frankenpears.

  6. Oh, I am so on the same wavelength as frigginloon….Hannibal Lector was the first thing I thought of! Cool (yet creepy) effect! Have you done a series with different fruits?? Would make intriguing images in a kitchen or hip restaurant.

    I actually like pears…cored, halved, then quartered, then quartered again. Heated in a pan, then wrapped with blue cheese and procuitto and drizzled with reduced balsamic….yum-oh. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, M.P.! I’ve did a whole series of pears… and a few different things with other fruits (but those were a little tamer).

      Hmmm… that sounds very interesting, but probably a bit complicated for me. If I can’t dump food straight into a microwave chances are I’ll never figure it out!

  7. My mother canned pears. Pears appear to be a staple part of your diet. Grilled pears with cheese may be an improvement. πŸ™‚
    Wonderful cyanotype.

    • I did a whole series of Pears… quite a while ago, really. I had access do a darkroom at the time (which explains the cyanotype – definitely my favorite of the series – mostly because of the process).

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