K&I No. 1 (pinhole)

I love all cameras pinhole. I’ve built a ton of them, the photo above coming from one of the 35mm variety. Here’s the math: me + pinhole camera + interior shot + no tripod = super blurry newlyweds. Squared.

Groom: “How much did we pay that photographer?”

Bride: “Nearly ten bucks. His prices are astronomical.”

Groom: “I’m not sure he’s worth more than seven-fifty.”

Bride: “Did he leave the lens cap on again?”

Groom: “Not exactly… still, the open bar might have been a mistake…”

About this image: 35mm pinhole film scan – moderately modified


25 thoughts on “K&I No. 1 (pinhole)

  1. Aww I like this one. It was our friends Kelly and Ian’s wedding and I was maid of honor. It POURED and our dresses were soaked but it was still a great day.

  2. Yeah I agree w/ Jillsy – such a cool effect!

    Love how you two discuss the wedding via the web. I can’t even get my husband to read my blogs, let alone comment. When he does, it’s like Christmas & my birthday, all rolled into one!

  3. Cool shot and the effect is sweet. It can be duplicated in Photoshop, but knowing it’s the real thing makes it much cooler…go figure.

    • Thanks, Mr. J!
      You said it, sir – throw a few blur filters at a photo and there you go! Add a little warp or distort and you’ve even got a curved “camera” effect. Sometimes it is fun to go old school, though. I love the simplicity of it all. 🙂

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