I’ve been posting a lot of  heavily edited images lately, so it seemed appropriate to go simple today (although this photo has been airbrushed extensively). I mean, honestly… downspouts, light fixtures and Christmas decorations? It’s almost like people were trying to live in this house! Who’d have thunk it?

About this image: digital photograph, moderately modified


4 Days Short and a Dollar Late (pinhole)

Did I mention I just spent 2 weeks building a 35mm pinhole camera for Worldwide Pinhole Day 2011? Did I mention Worldwide Pinhole Day 2011 takes took place on April 24 2011? *sigh* Oh well, let’s pretend I intended to hit this party ‘fashionably late’. Salsa, anyone?

George: “Why don’t they have any salsa on the table?”

Jerry: “What do you need salsa for?”

George: “Salsa is now the number one condiment in America.”

Jerry: “Do you know why? Because people like to say salsaaaaa.”

Jason Alexander and Jerry Seinfeld – Seinfeld

About this image: 35mm pinhole film scan – lightly modified

Bechyne, North Dakota

Today’s Action Chanel 5 in-computer forecast: 90% chance of fake showers.

I wonder if I could ‘make it rain’ with ‘fake 100 dollar bills’?

Totally Kidding. There’s no need to alert those rather humorless dudes at the Treasury Department. Again.

About this image: digital photographs highly modified

Four Kings

I’m still indecisive… which explains the 4-styles-o-Elvis. In the end, I might prefer them combined. Besides, 4 kings can be a difficult hand to beat.

Teddy ‘KGB’: “Lays down a monster… should have paid me off on that. The **** did you lay that down?” *throws tray of Oreos across room*

Mike McDermott: “Not Hungry?”

Teddy KGB: “Mr. Son of a *****, let’s play some cards!”

John Malkovich & Matt Damon – Rounders

About this image: charcoal drawing on Bristol Board, highly digitally modified

Weekly Photo Challenge: One

This weekend I constructed a makeshift softbox of sorts. How exciting, right?! Anyway, 1 cardboard box + white tissue paper + lots and lots of masking tape = some sweet, sweet diffused lighting. Ah, the fun you can have (and just in time for this weeks WordPress Photo Challenge, ‘One’). Does anyone else have a U2 song stuck in their head? You know, something completely incompatible with this image? Maybe it’s just me.

“Is it too late…


To drag the past out into the light…”

U2 – One

About this image: digital photograph – lightly modified


Lately I’m really into dishonesty attempting to replicate certain photographic processes digitally (since I lack the materials/knowledge to produce the ‘real things’). Just getting my lie on.

More of the same today! I took this photo of my Grandfather (who was a really good dude) after I got my digital SLR. I wasn’t happy with the results,  although for some reason I think the image works better faked edited this way (the contemporary shirt is a bit of a bummer, though).

About this image: faux collodion – digital photograph highly modified / combined with acrylic plate scan

Mesa Verde

DUDE! It’s so 3-D in here right now!

WAY back when I put this together (late 1800’s) the cool kids were all about stereoscopic cards, slightly offset images viewed through a stylish pair of glasses (mine were totally Wayfarers) that altered one’s depth perception. 3-D! Or so I’ve heard. I wasn’t into it, as I was still tired-out from my youth… which I spent constructing cliff dwellings.

About this image: digital photograph and ‘card’ scan – highly modified

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

Okay, this is a bit linear, right? I took a metric ton of photos  for the Weekly WordPress Photo Challenge, but, being slow AND indecisive I’ve posted an older shot…

I guess you could say I’ve… hit… a wall? *finger on chin, Dr. Evil style*

I’m trapped between some blocks and a hard place? *cricket chirping*

But seriously, folks… what’s the deal with airline peanuts? *blank stares*

About this image: Ilford 35mm film scan – lightly modified

Rooftop – Alton, Illinois

Hey, hey, it must be random rooftop day! Aren’t billboard support structures great? Oh, and rooftop water towers, too. There’s something very… ‘built’, and imposing about them. Or maybe it’s just that they remind me of Empire Records. Which has an excellent soundtrack. And isn’t too shabby a movie, either.

Warren: “Who glued these quarters down?”

A.J.: “I did.”

Warren: “What the h*** for, man?!”

A.J.: “I don’t feel the need to explain my art to you, Warren.”

– Empire Records

About this image: Holga/35mm film scan – moderately modified

Olive Oil

An unintentionally lens shaken shot… proving:

1) how badly I need a tripod / I have ‘twitchyness issues’, and (worse still);

2) how lazy I am for not setting-up said tripod.

I typically delete these like they’re hot.  I have a bit of a thing for this one, though…

Flight attendant: “Can I do something for you, Mr. Bond?”

Bond, James Bond: “Ah, just a drink. A martini… shaken, not stirred.”

– Sean Connery – Goldfinger

(*and every other ‘Bond’… in every other ‘007’ movie*)