Bottle No. 1

I was going to post a little somethin’-somethin’ for the WP weekly photo challenge today, but (since it’s Monday and my luck is lacking) the page wouldn’t load on my ‘wonder PC’ *kicking junky box*. So, I have no idea what the challenge is. I’ve probably messed-up some setting or another. That’s how I roll.

ALSO, there is only a week left of voting for the Mom Central Grant Program, so please click on over and support Dishy’s amazing work on The Daily Dish – she will appreciate it, I will appreciate it, and (if you’ve not yet visited) I know that you will, too! 🙂

About this image: Ilford 35mm film scan – lightly manipulated


39 thoughts on “Bottle No. 1

  1. Now if that wine bottle was in the shoe. . .or if the foot was in the wine bottle, then that would be something. I’m not sure what, but something.

  2. Bottle No 1 …how many bottles does Annabelle have on the floor? And if one of those bottles should accidentally fall there would be….?

  3. The WP photo challenge theme was “Old” so if that’s an old bottle you qualify. Maybe you could’ve used some old granny type as the model instead…

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