Is anybody out there?! I hope so… the villagers might have revolted yesterday… so, today I have a calm, lightly toned, black and white image to share. Although the random craziness of this blog is what makes it fun-ish (I think). It’s like Forrest Gump. Or his proverbial box of chocolates, anyway.

I’m not sure what to title this photo… I keep going back and forth. It was called ‘port’ for a while. Then ‘cantilever’. Then ‘cantilevered’. Not sure I’m cool with those, though. Any suggestions? Besides “STOP FORREST, STOP”, that is?!

About this image: Ilford 35mm film scan – moderately manipulated


26 thoughts on “Cantilevered?

    • I’ve never been to Portland, but I hear it’s a beautiful city.

      *drum-roll, symbol crash*
      Your vote has officially been entered into the Fridge, Dishy… please pardon the smoke… technology is a little lacking around here.


  1. I like ‘Port’. Or maybe ‘Metal Thingies With Other Metal Thingies’… that’s sort of poetic don’t you think? 😛 In any case the photo is super neato.

    • At one point I considered ‘suspended’…
      I like ‘hanging’ better, though, J.G.

      There was some contemporary ‘stuff’ in this shot (sodium light, plastic cones) so I gave them the ‘ol Photoshop airbrush / chop-n-crop… (it seemed like the motors were plausibly 50’s era models)

      Thanks, J.G.! 🙂

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