Mesa Verde

DUDE! It’s so 3-D in here right now!

WAY back when I put this together (late 1800’s) the cool kids were all about stereoscopic cards, slightly offset images viewed through a stylish pair of glasses (mine were totally Wayfarers) that altered one’s depth perception. 3-D! Or so I’ve heard. I wasn’t into it, as I was still tired-out from my youth… which I spent constructing cliff dwellings.

About this image: digital photograph and ‘card’ scan – highly modified


32 thoughts on “Mesa Verde

  1. At last I am the first to comment. OK, it’s friggin 35 minutes past midnight here but I’m first I say, first!!!!!

  2. I love this for many reasons.
    1) It’s an awesome photo(s).
    2) I love it in the old timey frame.
    3) It reminds me of vacation which obviously = Yay!
    4) It reminds me of Casey and West. 🙂 Always a + for me.

  3. Inky… very cool! As someone who’s actually held, fondled, looked at and gazed upon some of those early stereoscope cards I can say you’ve done a great job!!

    You are going to have to spill it at some point and talk about your process for aging your images!

    • Thank you very much, sir! I did my best to check out as many examples as I could first… I was hoping this one was at least in the ballpark.

      Hahaha… anytime! I’ll never shut-up once I get started, though! 🙂

  4. Fascinating – early 3D! I’d never heard of stereoscopic cards and you just got me pottering around Wiki. I’m gettin’ me an edumecation. 🙂

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