4 Days Short and a Dollar Late (pinhole)

Did I mention I just spent 2 weeks building a 35mm pinhole camera for Worldwide Pinhole Day 2011? Did I mention Worldwide Pinhole Day 2011 takes took place on April 24 2011? *sigh* Oh well, let’s pretend I intended to hit this party ‘fashionably late’. Salsa, anyone?

George: “Why don’t they have any salsa on the table?”

Jerry: “What do you need salsa for?”

George: “Salsa is now the number one condiment in America.”

Jerry: “Do you know why? Because people like to say salsaaaaa.”

Jason Alexander and Jerry Seinfeld – Seinfeld

About this image: 35mm pinhole film scan – lightly modified


42 thoughts on “4 Days Short and a Dollar Late (pinhole)


    When this image first loaded, it looked like two bowler hats att he bottom. I got really excited, but I don’t know why!! A subconscious love of bowler hats?? Who knows, but I love the photo!

  2. How long does it take to put a pinhole in a box, anyway? I’m guessing a few days longer than it should!

    And yes, you have very nice sprocket holes.

  3. I learned about the Worldwide Pinhole Day 2011 only 2 days before the date. I would have loved to participate.

    I remember that episode on Seinfeld on salsa. Personally, I like salsa, the dance. Cheers!

    • The sad part is I was planning for it months in advance… and then I still managed to forget. That’s just my style!

      I’m not very successful with either one… I’m either spilling some on my shirt or stepping on my poor wife’s toes! 🙂

  4. Your comments have greatly increased while I’ve been away…was it something I said??

    What is all the hullabaloo about pin hole photography…please explain. I do like the outcome, but is it difficult and totally time consuming to achieve? I’m not into difficult stuff. 😉

  5. I’ve been doing pinhole stuff for a while. I usually turn to a Zero Image 4×5 with a medium format back on it. I love the unpredictability. I also love how wide angle shots don’t have any distortion. Truly a fun facet of photography to play with!

    • NICE! I’ve drooled over looked at Zero Image cameras online, before – they look to be pretty amazing! My pinholes are always D.I.Y jobs – some more successful than others. I really liked building models that held photo paper, but without access to a darkroom I’ve been having to modify my designs a bit.
      Thanks so much for stopping by, Stuart – I sure do appreciate it! 🙂

  6. Nice work ! I have experimented with digital captures of pinhole images using a pinhole box – a type of camera obscura made out of cardboard. I have never managed to take a shot on Worldwide Pinhole Day (pick a year).

    • That sounds like so much fun… I’ve always wanted to give something like that a try!
      I know exactly what you mean… despite my best intentions I NEVER seem to get a pinhole image produced ON the day of W.W.P.D…
      maybe some day… maybe.

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