Couch – Saint Peters, Missouri

I’m always excited to come across random ‘street furniture’… the kind you’d expect to find inside… only… outside. It makes me consider redecorating the apartment. Or taking a nap.

Have a great weekend, everyone – I hope there isn’t too much heavy lifting and/or assembly required.

Hank Hill: “I tell you what!”

Jeff Boomhauer: “*mumble mumble* Dang ‘ol, *mumble*.”

Bill Dauterive: *blink blink*

Dale Gribble: “Gih!”

– King of the Hill

About this image: digital photograph – moderately modified


Is anybody out there?! I hope so… the villagers might have revolted yesterday… so, today I have a calm, lightly toned, black and white image to share. Although the random craziness of this blog is what makes it fun-ish (I think). It’s like Forrest Gump. Or his proverbial box of chocolates, anyway.

I’m not sure what to title this photo… I keep going back and forth. It was called ‘port’ for a while. Then ‘cantilever’. Then ‘cantilevered’. Not sure I’m cool with those, though. Any suggestions? Besides “STOP FORREST, STOP”, that is?!

About this image: Ilford 35mm film scan – moderately manipulated

No. 10

I don’t think I’ve posted a painting in some time, so… let me start by apologizing to your cones and rods (I’ll find something a little less saturated for everyone’s recovering retinas tomorrow).

Today is an experiment. Back in the day (when I produced a successful marginal webcomic), I drew a strip referencing Andy Warhol / Pop Art. The outcry was… surprising. Honestly, I’m indifferent to most Pop Art, but if poor A.W. was still alive, the majority of my audience would have called for his white-haired head.

It’ll be interesting to see how this goes. Should you find yourself wanting to strangle me, please remember, my lungs are already full of spray paint from the above project. *cough cough wheeze*

See? I’m suffering, too.

About this image: Enamel & Acrylic on 24″x30″ canvas

Weekly Photo Challenge: Old

It seems the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, ‘Old’, is right up my alley (since I have a sick compulsion to make my photos look older than they really are). I figure a fake wet-plate photograph qualifies as ‘old’, and while landscapes/nature photography is not my forte, the Rockies are probably fairly old, too. I would guess.

Harry: “Huh. I expected the Rocky Mountains to be a little rockier than this.”

Lloyd: “I was thinkin’ the same thing. That John Denver’s full of s***, man.”

Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey, Dumb and Dumber

About this image: digital photograph – highly modified

Bottle No. 1

I was going to post a little somethin’-somethin’ for the WP weekly photo challenge today, but (since it’s Monday and my luck is lacking) the page wouldn’t load on my ‘wonder PC’ *kicking junky box*. So, I have no idea what the challenge is. I’ve probably messed-up some setting or another. That’s how I roll.

ALSO, there is only a week left of voting for the Mom Central Grant Program, so please click on over and support Dishy’s amazing work on The Daily Dish – she will appreciate it, I will appreciate it, and (if you’ve not yet visited) I know that you will, too! 🙂

About this image: Ilford 35mm film scan – lightly manipulated

Zoned Industrial

I’m not a gamer, but I  have spent WAY too much time playing Super Nintendo’s version of SimCity (the highly coveted /  illusive Megalopolis still manages to escape me). Some day, though… some day.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the industrial zone. I’m off to ‘solicit’ bribes campaign ‘donations’. And build a stadium. My citizens are getting restless.

About this image: faux stained cyanotype – digital photograph, highly modified

Evening Blacktop

It’s been a while since my last Holga post, so I decided to rock another.

AND, dear readers, it’s time for an experiment… let’s see what happens to my stats if when I throw a random ‘twilight’ tag into this post. I mean, technically, it was ‘twilighty’ when I took this photo; I just didn’t happen to be attacked by any tween-aged vampires. I don’t think. Although… I’m fairly certain I used to have a reflection…

About this image: 35mm Holga lightly manipulated

More Fake Collodion

Me: “Jeff Goldblum?!”

Annabelle: “I wouldn’t say he’s classically handsome, but he is attractive.”

Me: “I would not have guessed that. In a million years.”

Annabelle: “If he’s funny that makes him more attractive.”

Me: “But not Adam Sandler?”

Annabelle: “No.”


Annabelle: “Like Jack Black, or…”

Me: “Jack Black?!” (glancing in mirror) “Oh *explicative*.”

The  point of this ridiculous story (I think) is my wife can be ‘aesthetically challenged’. At times. Which I appreciate.

About this image: faux collodion – digital photograph highly modified / combined with acrylic plate scan


*buzz buzz buzz*

Security: “Sir, could you please empty your pockets and pass through again?”

Me: “That’s funny… I didn’t think I had anything on me… just  a few coins…”

Security: “Okay, okay, just try it again, please.”

*buzz buzz buzz*

Security: “Okay, sir, I’m going to have to ask you just one more time…”

Me: “Oh, wait…  you don’t think it could be this GIANT aluminum frame?!”

About this image: digital photography lightly manipulated

Abandoned Schoolhouse

I’ve got… ‘the block’… just lost for words today. And I write this stuff out in advance. I swear. But my dog ate my homework.

Anyway, here’s a fake Van Dyke Print (abandoned one-room schoolhouse in Walsh County, North Dakota) to look over while I try put together a script for tomorrow’s show. Please stay tuned…

About this image: faux van dyke print – digital photograph – highly manipulated