Weekly Photo Challenge: Round

Dude, it’s so round in here! That’s because it’s Weekly WordPress Photo Challenge time. Dude!

It’s also refrigerator shout-out time. Today’s frosty props go out to editorial/political/pop-cultural cartoonist extraordinaireΒ  Bearman, who is hosting his annual charity challenge. It’s a sweet deal – you head over to Bearman Cartoons for some free, high-quality entertainment, become a fan, and Bearman donates his own dough to some very deserving charities (the Cincinnati FreeStore Foodbank and Red Cross relief efforts in Japan)! And be sure to thank him for sticking with me throughout my format change, too. I really appreciate it!

About this image: digital photograph, moderately modified


39 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Round

  1. This is a very nostalgic take on an old typewriter. I used to use one of these when I was still in University. Things have changed so much that the old typewriters are more like antiques than someting realy being used. Although I can tell you that my landlady still insists using one instead of getting into digital. Some people still prefer to be analog. Love the way you toned down the saturation. Does Annabelle still use this typewriter?

    • It’s incredible how many things have changed over such a short period of time! It still amazes me to think about that!
      Annabelle does most of her writing on a computer… she just got this typewriter a little while ago, and (while it seems to work well) we still need to find a ribbon for it).

      • It is usually the accessories that hits you. Reminds me when I was so excited to buy a Polaroid Sun 600 which at that time sounded like a great price only to find out that they were no longer selling the film in Bangkok. I mourn the loss of the Polaroid film because in its day, it was the closest thing to instant gratification before the dawn of digital photography!

        • I hear you, sir!
          I love Polaroids, too! I think you can still get a hold of some Polaroid Films from Project Impossible… it’s a bit expensive, of course. Sadly, as analogue becomes more and more scarce the cost of pretty much everything is skyrocketing. πŸ™‚

  2. Neat angle on the keys. Definitely an oldie. Read on someone else’s blog that the last typewriter factory has just ceased production (I think it was in India).

  3. dude. LOVE IT! anything with a typewriter or type related is my jam.

    maybe it’s the whole writer thing. i dunno. but i keep collecting vintage typewriters that are of no use to me but for decoration purposes.

  4. Yes I heard on TV the other day that the last batch of typewriters has just been made at a factory in India. That’s so sad and frankly it makes me want to seek out a beautiful old manual t/p like this. I too learned to type on a manual and it took quite some powerful bashing of the keys to get a consistent and neat finish on the paper. Providing your fingernails were reasonably healthy to begin with, it turned them into little steel-hard talons!

    • I kinda like the variation typewriters created – there was something ‘warm’ about it. Technology is wonderful, but sometimes it’s sad there’s not more room for ‘both worlds’. It’s a bit like digital photography vs. analogue, I think.
      Hahaha – sounds uber-scratchy! πŸ™‚

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