Claw Hammer

So here’s a photograph of a hammer. Yup. I’m not proud of how rusty I let it get (although it made for some interesting textures). Remember, please don’t try this at h0me – be kind to your tools, people.

The Dude: “1972 Pontiac LeBaron.”

Younger Cop: “Color?”

The Dude: “Green. Some brown, or, uh, rust, coloration.”

Jeff Bridges & Christian Clemenson – The Big Lebowski

About this image: digital image, moderately modified


28 thoughts on “Claw Hammer

  1. Now I will NEVER get that Tom Waits song out of my head.

    She got me coming through the dog door.. got me coming through the dog door..

    Pitchfork (pitchfork)
    Crowbar (crowbar)
    Clawhammer (clawhammer)
    Hot tar (hot tar)

    Granted, I LOVE that song. but still!

  2. My garden tools typically end up looking this way. I have to buy new ones each spring. I look at it as a used-looking tool is a USED tool. No shame in that! 🙂 Nice texture here. Will you do a rusty-tool series? Looks like the kind of artwork Restoration Hardware would gobble right up!

    • It was in my toolbox, which somehow managed to get some water in it (so at least it’s not like I left it laying out in the lawn, I guess).

      I’ve done a few tool images… I plan on posting more from time to time…

  3. Very cool! Nice textures and I think the white border really makes it pop!

    P.S. You get 500 bonus points for the Lebowski quote. 😛

  4. “Any leads?”

    “I’ll just check with the boys in the crime lab, you know, they got us working in shifts.”

    Nice shot btw.

  5. Pontiac Lebaron??!! The Lebaron was a Chrysler, and late 70’s, not early. I think you mean Lemans.

    That hammer looks more bloody than rusty. I certainly hope it’s not!

    • Hahaha… wow, good eye, Binky!
      This was a copy/paste from a script I found online (I had actually heard a few people commenting that there was something wrong with the make/model of the car, but I didn’t know enough about it to notice).

  6. Looking at your pictures is like reading poetry. I know I like them but I don’t always know how to explain it.

    All I can say is that I have never seen such a cool hammer. 🙂

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