After Aesop; Industry

Here’s a crow… thing. You’re probably thinking, “this looks nothing like Brandon Lee”. Admittedly, the likeness isn’t quite there. This crow looks  more like his cousin. Don. The used car salesman from upstate. Nice guy, Don. He can get you a sweet deal on a gently used Buick.

About this image: (where to start?) digital photograph and type – gel medium transfer onto aluminum/book; digitally colored graphite drawing – gel medium transfer onto book; acrylic background; found objects; all mounted in 12″x12″ panel


38 thoughts on “After Aesop; Industry

  1. I agree w/ Annabelle – this is fantastic. I love these mixed media pieces and crows are one of my most favorite birds. SO smart! We have a family that live out back.. they just had a new baby and I’m eager to “meet” him/her soon.

    • Thank you so much, Dishy!
      Annabelle and I have a bird feeder right outside one of the windows in our store, so we spend quite a bit of time watching these crazy critters! 🙂

  2. Hi ink guy…This is great…love the shadow box format and I like the look alike for cousin Don…crows have so much character! 😀

  3. Oh, I really like this, SIG. I’m very fond of assemlages and black birds.

    There are Ravens at the Tower of London and they are HUGE. Big beaks, shiny feathers and rather magnificent.

    • Thank you very much, S.E. –
      I really like assemblages, too – but I find them very difficult to get just right (they are always a challenge).

      We have some that frequent our bird-feeder, too – it’s kinda’ fun to watch them…

  4. Please learn to tattoo so that I can have that crow drawn on my arm or back or something. I mean this rhetorically, of course. Your learning to tattoo in no way binds me to an agreement to actually have it done. But I’d like to in theory. kthx.

    • HA!
      Now that is something I could NEVER do! And I would NEVER want to! I’d pass out. Putting my victim client high in the running for topping a Goggle search of ‘tattoo fail’!

    • Just a few pebbles in some water, Mr. J. –
      in the fable the crow is dying of thirst and comes across a pitcher with water in the bottom (but he can’t reach it) so he drops in pebbles until he can get to the water… or… something along those lines!
      Thanks much, sir!

    • 1. Thank you very much, B.D.
      2. WHAT?! The first one is a cult classic (and, honestly, I’ve only seen the first one)!
      3. I think there’s an expired hot-pocket in the back of the fridge somewhere…

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