Home, Sweet Home

Last Monday Annabelle came to visit me at and I went to the Zoo.  I might have secured a gig in the exhibit above… it was eerily similar to looking in a mirror. E-E-AH-AH *translation* ‘S-up?

(I’m anticipating a certain comment on this one… who will it be… who will it be?)

About this image: digital photograph, lightly modified


30 thoughts on “Home, Sweet Home

  1. Looks strikingly similar to something they have at the Philadelphia Zoo. Perhaps the artist was also providing group discounts? (groan)

    Lovely photo, Inky, as always.

  2. Throwing poo??? I never would’ve thought of that. I was thinking of the better known one “What are you gunna do for a face when the monkey wants his bum back”

  3. Oooo pretty! Got to love that ornate architecture! It makes me think of the turn of the century/ Victorian era design (though I believe this building was built in the late 1920’s) It just feels so ‘St. Louis’. Ah, sweet sweet San Louie!

  4. Very ornate entrance with great details. But I’d be nervous entering a place like that because they’d probably think I had escaped and wouldn’t let me out.

  5. Looks like some churches I have seen here in Europe. Though the building in the picture probably had more activity inside than it does in Europe.

    • No problem, Y.A.W.! I probably should have called this something a bit more appropriate so it would be easier to search for – sorry about that!

      Hahaha – yeah, me too! See, I’m smiling and waving from my corner of the exhibit! 🙂

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