Diamonds Are Forever

007: “Seriously, Moneypenny… what kind of place did you send me to this time?”

Moneypenny: “Do be a sport, James – M16’s budget is ever so tight, and… you received a substantial AAA discount.”

007: “My room smells of chowder, the air conditioning is on the fritz and these towels are really scratchy! AND I suspect my Vodka Martini has been stirred, not shaken!”

Moneypenny: “Oh, James.”

– neither Sean Connery nor Lois Maxwell

*Disclaimer – I’m sure this is a very nice place. The above is purely fictional and intended to be humorous. Really.*

About this image: digital photograph, moderately modified


50 thoughts on “Diamonds Are Forever

  1. Sigh… I love old timey motels. I dream of traveling across the country w/ my husband (our daughters safely w. the grandparents), wandering wherever whim takes us, stopping along route at mom & pop establishments. Sunning by the (chainlinked fenced in) pool, sipping ice cold cheap beer, my ratty cowboy hat shielding the sun from my eyes. Sigh… A girl can dream, anyway.

    • I think Annabelle would agree with you…
      I have to be in the right mood for chocolate (yeah, I’m weird like that)!
      And ALWAYS, M.P. – I’m still in grunge phase, you know. 🙂

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