Point Betsie

Anybody have a light?

I wonder if this thing runs on a 60 watt?

Does this remind anyone else of a foghorn? How about Foghorn Leghorn?

I say, I say I need a nap. Or more caffeine. Or both. Can you tell?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot… this is Point Betsie, in Frankfort Michigan. Yup.

About this image: 35mm Ilford film scan, lightly modified


35 thoughts on “Point Betsie

    • It was a bit chilly, if I remember correctly (anything that happens more than a few days ago seems to escape the power of my memory)!

      Thank you very much for the kind words, Tony – I really appreciate that! 🙂

  1. Nice shot of the Lighthouse. I haven’t seen one in years. Also, the other day, I was trying to get a roll of ilford, which took me 3 years to finish, developed. The shop I usually go to said, they do not develop b+w anymore. They do not have the chemicals to handle this service anymore. Luckily, the other shop still does. I do not even remember anymore what pictures I took in the old Ilford roll!

    • Thank you, sir!
      I’ve forgotten what was on the first half of a roll before, too… although it probably took me more like 3 weeks than 3 years to forget (my memory is bad like that)! 🙂

  2. Ooooooooo so pretty! Beautiful and serene! It makes me want to run and dive into the waves! Though for some reason every time I visit Point Betsie it’s a stormy chilly day… not the best for swimming with all those waves on the breakers. Maybe our trip this summer will give us some better weather. I can’t wait!

  3. I would hate to be the one to have to change that bulb.
    Immagine climbing uo all the stairs on ly to get to the top and drop the light bulb. That would just suck.

  4. Have you seen these “Pure Michigan” commercials begging you to be a tourist there? They show, like, a car and a train and call it the nation’s best historic spot or something. I WILL NOT BE FOOLED! But Betsie, she’s a lovely lady.

    • I think I have seen those…
      they do sound familiar, anyway. It’s funny how many commercials stick in my memory, yet I have such a difficult time remembering what it is I need from the grocery store!

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