Weekly Photo Challenge: Red

Another… ‘unusual’  conversation heard only here:

Me: “Hey, Annabelle, do we have any electrical tape?”

Annabelle: “I’m not sure. What do you need that for?”

Me: “Oh, I was just going to tape some fruit to a piece of metal. I wanted something black…”

Annabelle *without flinching*: “I think we have something similar in the top drawer.”

About this image: digital photograph, moderately modified


51 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Red

  1. I would like to LIKE this many, many times. In fact this is hands out the best photo I have seen in forever. And my favorite of all you’ve posted so far.

    Please send immediately.

    Please, and thank you.

    PS: enjoy your lovely sunny day w your beautiful wife.

    PPS: don’t forget to mail photo.

    • Thank you so much, Dishy – that is terribly kind of you!
      I just put this one together (I still need to get a print version set up… things always seem to print so much darker than they look on the screen… very, very annoying.)
      It was a nice day 🙂 … until my camera battery died. 😦

  2. Love. Love. Perfect. Could not like more. My favourite red thing for a while has been my friend Anthony’s dead cardinal done up with Hipstamatic (stupid Hipstamatic), but this is way, way, WAY better. The lighting on that tape really appeals to me. Prolly gonna have to pin this on Pinterest. Right now.

      • Very interesting shot… kinda’ makes you think (which is half the point, really)!
        I have to admit I’m a bit of a sucker for Hipstamatic stuff… I don’t have an i-phone but I’ve edited some of my images in a very similar fashion (I’ve even created similar borders…)

        • Hipstamatic only makes me mad because it makes it way too easy for really awful photographs to look interesting. I like to see people using actual skill to take great shots.

          Of course, I also felt the same way when Photoshop became popular, and I got over that and am now a level-adjusting fool, so we’ll see.

          • On the one hand I’m happy it helps more people express themselves creatively…
            on the other hand… yeah. I completely agree with you on that, U.M.! 🙂

    • Thank you so much, U.M.!
      That is very, very kind of you! It always makes me so happy to hear that someone has enjoyed a post!
      I’m a little embarrassed, but I’ve not very familiar with Pinterest… I’m going to have to do some research on that…

      • Pinterest is a collection of virtual bulletin boards where you can super-easily grab photos from websites and “pin them” up. Usually people create themes like “rainbow-colored stuff” or “scrapbooking inspiration” or “chevron patterns”; I pinned this to my board of photographs I like. If you find yourself bookmarking photos you like or things you want to buy or whatever, it’s just a neat way of collecting them all in one place and sharing them.

  3. The greys & black & red make for a very neat image. Certainly something you don’t see every day! But are those poor cherries being held there against their will?

  4. i must be out of my element, don’t know how i missed this. i felt so left out from the kiwi conversation that i had to search for it. great great great shot

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