Here’s a shot of a Kodak Tourist that Annabelle found a little while back. She’s even modified it to accept 35mm film. Pretty sweet, huh?

Also, note to self: before spending day off at botanical garden / transportation museum remember to charge digital camera battery. Yikes. Tourists.

About this image: digital photograph, lightly modified


40 thoughts on “f/12.5

  1. I really love old cameras. Good that Anabelle was able to modify it to use a 35 mm film. Are the film sizes originally intended for use for the Kodak Tourist still available? Nice picture!

    • Thank you so much!
      Not at all (just a bit embarrassing). I’m shooting with Canon’s first digital rebel (I could really use an upgrade, though… most phones have more resolution than I’ve got in my DSLR)! And I use Photoshop – all the time. I’m still running CS3 there, though. *sigh* Oh well. Old dog, I guess…

  2. Nice photo! I love old cameras myself. But i’ve completely converted to DSLR now, because it is getting more and more difficult to find places that will do a decent job developing color, and I no longer have my own B&W lab. 😦 Whatever it is you do, you do it well! (I don’t have photoshop! $$$$ Someday.)

    • Thank you very much for your kind words, Cecelia!
      Yeah, that $ thing is a bummer. We got our Photoshop when Annabelle was teaching – there was a huge price break (otherwise we couldn’t have done it). I miss processing B/W, too… maybe some day, though. 🙂

  3. We were watching This Old House last night and the home they’re working on was previously owned by a fairly famous former street photographer. They were showcasing the room where he used to develop all his film, etc. Got me thinking about photo club in junior high school, what fun it was processing film. The good old days.. Glad to see this pic today. Beautiful.

    • Thanks, Dishy –
      I loved processing/printing film when I was in college – it was so much fun (and very relaxing)! I miss it a lot. When Annabelle and I are Oprah rich we’re totally building a dark room. 🙂

        • Well… define… future.
          As in Mrs. & Mr. Public / commercially? I would guess not. Digital is too simple, convenient and relatively cost effective. I think ‘art world’ types will try to hang on, though. At least until costs get way too prohibitive.

  4. Nice old camera. So if a camera photographs a camera does it cause some sort of anomaly in the time/space factors of the universe. Kinda like holding 2 mirrors at each other. Maybe it’s only if you click both camera shutters at the same time. You should try it but don’t blame me if your sucked into some time warp type event & end up 32,ooo,oo3 miles from earth floating for all eternity without oxygen in space

  5. Ooooooo the tourist! Sweet! Hopefully when we get the roll that’s in this one developed there will be a photo or two you can post. I’m looking forward to seeing what it does in sunlight…

  6. I miss the good old days of 35mm, where it took sometimes months to finish the roll and them another week waiting for it to be developed. Oh and then wishing you had ordered double prints because it cost like 10x more to get reprints because they’d cut the negs. Better still when you ordered a poster print of your fav photo and it comes back with way too much magenta 😦

  7. I’ve got tons of ancient camera equipment but i dont think I have any that old. I have thoguht of throwing them away but something always told me to hang on to them. You mean they can actually be worth something? Who knew?

    • If it was me I wouldn’t throw it out, Lynn. Even if the stuff isn’t in working order it might make for some pretty cool display pieces. There’s definitely a market for that sort of thing. 🙂

  8. That camera looks like a beauty. On forgetting to charge the battery, been there. Even worse actually. I charged the battery and spent an hour shooting before I realised the memory card was still in the PC.

    • Fortunately my camera starts freaking out if there’s no memory card installed, because I have don that very thing many, many times! Thanks so much for stopping by, C.S.! 🙂

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