Ottoman Garden

Here’s another photo from the last trip Annabelle and I took to the Missouri Botanical Garden. It was a good time (even after my camera decided to take a nap). I learned a few things that day, like:

There are a lot of plants at a botanical garden.

There are a lot of people who visit botanical gardens. I guess they like to look at plants.

It’s wise to fully charge your camera battery before visiting a botanical garden. In case you decide to photograph plants. Or people who like to look at plants.

Who knew?!

About this image: digital photograph, highly modified


30 thoughts on “Ottoman Garden

  1. Lovely! And also amusing that we both managed to take pictures of the same things independently on this trip. How do we always manage to do that?

    On a side note: It’s so pretty outside today! Why are we stuck here indoors!?!? We should be out taking pictures! Work is Lamesville.

        • Sometimes I get confused, and I have to stop and think about which of you is which. But I get confused very, very easily, so, you know. You’re both NYC ladies, too! How about that?!

          Thanks so much, U.M.! There was plenty of movement with my rolling around on the ground to take this one. Though that’s not really anything new, either. 🙂

  2. I too like that “little pop of red!

    Such a lovely picture, I wish I knew how to color certain parts of a photo, but I think I’d likely need photoshop for that. Wah-wah-wahhhh.

    • Thank you very much for the kind words! I’m glad you liked the photo… there are always so many choices I often have a difficult time deciding which way to go with an image.
      I’m happy you enjoyed the commentary, too! You wouldn’t believe how long I spend writing a single paragraph… and rewriting, and rewriting…

    • Thank you so very much, Eden – that’s very kind of you to say! I think… there’s a parking lot back there, but just pretend I didn’t tell you that (kinda’ takes away from the fun of it all)! 🙂

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