I will have my fruit on the ‘slide’, please! *hehehe… eh*

The cherries seemed to go over pretty well, so I decided to give some other fruit a try, too. Plus Kiwi was on sale – 3 for $1.00. Score.

*om nom nom*

About this image: digital photograph, moderately modified


54 thoughts on “Kiwi

  1. My photographer friend and I were just talking about you at dinner last night. We were having an absolute meatfeast at a Brazilian all-you-can-eat place, and you came up. Isn’t that nice to know?

    But yeah, I was telling him about the cherries and how much I loved them. And then this pops up in my Google Reader today. I’m going to go ahead and claim responsibility.

    • Hahaha – so THAT’S why my nose was itching!
      Man, I hope I didn’t put you and your friend off your Brazilian eats!
      Thanks so much, U.M. – this wouldn’t be the friend who photographed the cardinal? 🙂

      • It was! Aww, man, now it seems like I only have one friend. But yeah, we were talking about the ability to take a fairly standard photo and turn it into something worth looking at twice using Photoshop effects. I’m not sure I have the eye for that, but you and he both do, and I was saying that I’d love to see your original photos alongside their processed brothers like I have with his.

    • Kiwi and ice cream? I have to admit I’ve never tried that combination, Tony… it sounds pretty good, though!
      Thank you very much! We have a few of these metal plates upstairs in our store, and I’ve really enjoyed using them as backdrops. 🙂

  2. Kiwi is an all-time favorite of mine! Rugged, delicate and colorful, I’m lovin’ what you do with your fruit S-i-g! I’ll have to try the kiwi + icecream thing too. 🙂

    • It’s an interesting food, isn’t it?
      Thanks so much, Lynn! I’ve got a few more ideas in mind too, but those might be in the works for a while, though…

  3. Looks like the start of a series, SIG. I don’t know if you can beat the beautiful and erotic cherries though.
    The slide works so well. That kiwi fruit looks over ripe and a bit bruised so I don’t want to eat it I’m afraid. Eating the skin?!! How uncomfortable!

    • Thank you very much, George! I really desaturated the background as well to make it stand out a bit more, too.
      Thank you so much for stopping by – I really appreciate it! 🙂

  4. It does make a very good pair with the cherries picture. The colour really stands out against the background. You could do this with all sorts of fruits.

    • Thanks very much, sir!
      I’m not sure this one was effective as the cherries, but it does seem like there’s still a little ‘something going on’ there… I think… maybe…

    • Very kind of you to say, sir! We have a few of these metal plates in our attic that have such wonderful grungy texture… I’ve been having a lot of fun using them as backdrops. Thank you so much for stopping by, Mr. D! 🙂

  5. Well that looks pretty perfect to me, and has the horror film mood to it… Although I’m not entirely sure how threatening a slice of kiwi could be though… but this one certainly looks like it could give a grape of two a run for their money…

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