Lost In Translation

I’ve been posting a lot of ‘garden’ images lately, so why not finish off the week with something from a Japanese Garden? If anyone speaks Japanese I would love to know what this sign says. Any guesses? Have a great weekend, everyone!

Director: *untranslated Japanese*

Ms. Kawasaki: “Um. He want you to turn, looking at camera. OK?”

Bob Harris: “That’s all he said?”

Ms. Kawasaki: “Yes. Turn to camera.”

Bob Harris: “All right. Does he want me to turn from the right, or turn from the left?”

Ms. Kawasaki: *untranslated Japanese*

Director: *untranslated Japanese*

Ms. Kawasaki: “Right side. And with intensity. OK?”

Bob Harris: “Is that everything? It seemed like he said quite a bit more than that.”

Director: *untranslated Japanese*

Ms. Kawasaki: “Like an old friend. And, into the camera.”

Bob Harris: “OK.”

Director: *untranslated Japanese* “Suntory time. OK?”

Bob Harris: “OK.”

Diamond Yukai, Akiko Takeshita and Bill Murray – Lost in Translation

About this image: digital photograph, highly modified


28 thoughts on “Lost In Translation

  1. Beautiful! It’s kinda funny how it looks ‘wintery’ to me when really this was a spring/summer shot. The spiderweb lines are a nice. It almost makes it look like the photo was folded and bent. This little teahouse is my favorite part of the Botanical Garden. When I was a kid I always liked to pretend it was my secret hideout. (Still do I guess.) šŸ™‚

    • Thanks for letting me use your camera here, Annabelle (this is right where my battery decided it could no longer be disturbed). I think the spiderweb is my favorite part… it’s funny, I didn’t even notice it until I took a shot or two. I guess my amazing powers of observations were taking a bit of a break, too! šŸ™‚

    • Those are wood shake / shingles. This little building has a two tiered roof, and fortunately it was low enough that I could reach up to set the camera on the lower one.
      I see what you mean, Dishy… they do look very much like that… interesting…

  2. The dialogue is hilarious. In my early years in Thailand, it sometimes felt like that. Nice picture though. Hope that someone translates for you. I have a feeling it might be something simple like “garden shack” or ” tea house”.

    • Thank you very much, sir! I’m happy to hear you liked it! I think you might be right about that. I know a webcomicer who I think would know for sure… I’m keeping my fingers crossed! šŸ™‚

  3. Oh for crying out loud, that’s Japanese graffiti. Hello, they have way to much respect to damage other people’s property, they just scribble something on a nice piece of wood and hang it on a building! šŸ™‚

    Psst It says “Kilroy was here”

  4. Didn’t catch this at the orIginal post. Sorry, one of the only Japanese I know is transliterated as mikan and means orange. Somehow doubt that’s what this says. But if you were to say it says “abandon hope, all you who enter here”, that would certainly fit šŸ™‚

    • Your Japanese is still better than mine!
      I’d love to learn more… unfortunately I’m a bit on the slow side
      (I’m still struggling with English after 30 + years)!

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