Here’s a shot of a Kodak Tourist that Annabelle found a little while back. She’s even modified it to accept 35mm film. Pretty sweet, huh?

Also, note to self: before spending day off at botanical garden / transportation museum remember to charge digital camera battery. Yikes. Tourists.

About this image: digital photograph, lightly modified

Weekly Photo Challenge: Red

Another… ‘unusual’  conversation heard only here:

Me: “Hey, Annabelle, do we have any electrical tape?”

Annabelle: “I’m not sure. What do you need that for?”

Me: “Oh, I was just going to tape some fruit to a piece of metal. I wanted something black…”

Annabelle *without flinching*: “I think we have something similar in the top drawer.”

About this image: digital photograph, moderately modified

Chinese Garden (infrared)

Wow. Lot’s of pollen around here at this time of year. And most of that’s stuck in nose. Good times. Kleenex, anyone?

*This just in* Mr. Paul Johnson has kindly featured my Houdini piece on his hilarious super-blog, The Good Greatsby. If you’ve not yet visited Mr. J, please head on over and check out his antics… you’ll thank me for it!

About this image: Kodak 35mm High Speed Infrared film scan – lightly modified


Don’t worry, it’s just a prop… still, please don’t try this at home. People will look at you strangely.

Customer: “Hello, shop-keep… how much for your finest broken bottle?”

Salesman: “Here she is… she’ll run you fifty cents, if you’re interested.”

Customer: “She’s a beauty, indeed… but I’ve promised myself not to spend one cent more than twenty-five…”

Salesman: ” ‘Fraid I can’t do that, sir… I got’s to pay the rent, I do!”

Customer: “I’ve got coupons!”

Salesman: “SOLD! You, sir, are a bargain shopper AND a gentleman!”

About this image: digital photograph, highly modified

Point Betsie

Anybody have a light?

I wonder if this thing runs on a 60 watt?

Does this remind anyone else of a foghorn? How about Foghorn Leghorn?

I say, I say I need a nap. Or more caffeine. Or both. Can you tell?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot… this is Point Betsie, in Frankfort Michigan. Yup.

About this image: 35mm Ilford film scan, lightly modified

Diamonds Are Forever

007: “Seriously, Moneypenny… what kind of place did you send me to this time?”

Moneypenny: “Do be a sport, James – M16’s budget is ever so tight, and… you received a substantial AAA discount.”

007: “My room smells of chowder, the air conditioning is on the fritz and these towels are really scratchy! AND I suspect my Vodka Martini has been stirred, not shaken!”

Moneypenny: “Oh, James.”

– neither Sean Connery nor Lois Maxwell

*Disclaimer – I’m sure this is a very nice place. The above is purely fictional and intended to be humorous. Really.*

About this image: digital photograph, moderately modified

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wildlife

Annabelle convinced me the fridge could use some color today, so I went crazy ridiculously over-saturated. Go big, or go home, I guess.  Sorry elegant b/w zebra photo… I guess I’ll post you some other day.

And, while I tend to avoid them, I also threw a filter at this. Wow.

Oh – I’m not big on snakes, either. Still, this guy seemed relatively safe to approach (as he was contained behind an impressive thickness of glass). So… there you go. As much fun as a snake can provide. Without a plane, that is.

About this image: digital photograph – moderately modified

Home, Sweet Home

Last Monday Annabelle came to visit me at and I went to the Zoo.  I might have secured a gig in the exhibit above… it was eerily similar to looking in a mirror. E-E-AH-AH *translation* ‘S-up?

(I’m anticipating a certain comment on this one… who will it be… who will it be?)

About this image: digital photograph, lightly modified

After Aesop; Industry

Here’s a crow… thing. You’re probably thinking, “this looks nothing like Brandon Lee”. Admittedly, the likeness isn’t quite there. This crow looks  more like his cousin. Don. The used car salesman from upstate. Nice guy, Don. He can get you a sweet deal on a gently used Buick.

About this image: (where to start?) digital photograph and type – gel medium transfer onto aluminum/book; digitally colored graphite drawing – gel medium transfer onto book; acrylic background; found objects; all mounted in 12″x12″ panel