Tower, Alton Illinois

Here’s a tower… deal. Since I’m on an Alton kick. It’s printed a bit flat… someday I’ll probably scan the negative and pump up the contrast in a few spots, but for now, I’m kinda digging all the similar mid-tones. I think.

Prince: “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair…”

Rapunzel: “Not a chance, dude. Do you know how long it takes me to condition all this stuff? Get a friggin’ rope. Then we can talk.”

About this image: Scan of hand printed image (from Ilford 35mm negative)


Elevator, Alton Illinois

Here’s a different treatment of the elevator in Alton Illinois.

Hmm… I really wanted to come up with something clever to say here, but I guess it’s just one of those days. BLAST! Foiled again! Stupid words.

Original Alton elevator post here.

About this image: digital image, moderately modified


I apologize for how slow it’s been around here lately… things have been CrAzY! Hopefully calm will return shortly. Although Annabelle and I hope to do a bit of traveling in a week or two to visit my family and unwind a bit. And after we return I may pull my posts back to a couple per week (until I can figure a few things out, anyway). I do plan on visiting everyone as often as possible, though… because you ladies and gents are the best. And that’s just how I slowly roll.

Thanks very much for all the kind comments, everyone – did I mention you’re the best?!

About this image: Ilford 35mm film scan – digitally colorized and lightly modified

Of Difficulties…

Annabelle and I are in the final stages of closing our store. We have most everything moved, but we  still have lots of cleaning to do, etc. Also, we only had internet access at said failed store (and I’m unsure how long it will take to move that to our apartment). All 400 sq feet of which is full-o-store stuff. And is very uninspiring… so, yeah.

I apologize if I miss a few days of comments in the near future… I briefly considered scheduling posts in advance, but I’m not going to do that. If I’m not available to visit, what’s the point?

Anyway, I’ll be back (hopefully sooner than later). Please hang-in there with me… I sincerely appreciate your continued kindness… you’re the ‘bestest’ readers out there!

About this image: digital photograph, lightly modified


Here’s a dandelion for my 100th post. Taraxacum officinale (according to Wikipedia, anyway). I’m terrible at Latin. And remembering stuff.

Steve Zissou: “Who’s gonna tell us the Latin names of all the fishes and everything? You know I can’t remember all that s***. Please stop, Elanor! Elanor stop! Why are you leaving?”

Elanor Zissou: “I’m leaving because I don’t want to be a part of whatever is going to happen out there.”

Steve Zissou: “Nobody knows what’s going to happen. And then we film it. That’s the whole concept.”

Vladimir Wolodarsky: “That’s how we’ve always done it…”

Bill Murray, Angelica Houston & Noah Taylor – The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

About this image: digital photograph, moderately modified


This is from a long time ago. It’s printed too dark in some spots and too light in others. AND only two students besides me actually took the time to submit images (which was nice – got me the back cover and a few pages inside, too). Still, I was very, very honored Chiasma put up with my shenanigans. AND the pear is on FIRE! Right?! Right?! Eh.

another pear from this series here

About this image: scan of magazine cover – original image was a digital photograph, lightly modified

Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn

This tree seems a bit worn by time. But I shouldn’t talk. So do I.

Tony Giardino: “Hey listen… how long is it gonna take us to get there?”
Pilot: “It shouldn’t take very long.”
Pilot: “Actually I have no concept of time.”
Tony Giardino: “Geez, is this dangerous?”
Pilot: “No. Well, you know there’s chance in everything.”
Tony Giardino: “Look I don’t wanna get too personal or anything, but you’ve done this before, right?”
Pilot: “Oh yeah, yeah. I do this all the time.”
Pilot: “I’ve never done it at night.”

– Anthony LaPaglia and Steven Wright – So I Married an Axe Murderer

About this image: digital photograph, re-photographed through wet glass and heavily modified

Concrete Piers

Here are some concrete piers I photographed down by the river. Have a great weekend everyone!

“Now as your father probably told ya’, My name is Matt Foley, and I am a motivational speaker. Now let’s get started by lettin’ me give you a little bit of a scenario of what my life is all about. First off, I am 35 years old, I am divorced, and I live in a van down by the river.”

– Chris Farley – Saturday Night Live

About this image: digital photograph, highly modified

Poe (in progress)

It’s been a while since I posted a drawing, so here’s a look at Eddie. I drew him as part of a mixed media author series. This drawing’s done, and the piece itself is about 95 percent finished (which means I should have the whole thing complete in about a decade or so).

Raven: “Knock knock!”

Poe: “Who is there?”

Raven: “Orange…”

Poe: “Are you serious? Come back when you’ve got some decent material, dude!”

About this image: charcoal drawing on Bristol Board