Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

Me: “Computer, why is my photo challenge entry so late?”

Circuit Board: *pause* “Does not compute.”

Me: “You’re no help… I should have asked a magic eight ball. Can you at least throw me some Power Ball numbers, or… ”

Circuit Board: *sticks out tongue* “Not my deal. I come from a blender.”

Me: “Blah. Why do I even keep you laying around?”

Circuit Board: “Because you are a fiend for Mojitos.”

(*Just in case anyone is curious this board came from a keyboard, not a blender.*)

About this image: digital photograph, moderately modified


36 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

    • Haha –
      yeah, I just make all that stuff up. Not sure why I do that (mostly I just like the little bit of added ‘weight’ of having a some type on the bottom… I think)…

  1. I am currently deciding if I should keep an old motherboard or not. It would have been useful for this exercise. Very nice shot! You can always produce an art photo out of ordinary things!

    • I’ve turned into quite the pack rat (which probably isn’t good), because even if something is completely broken I convince myself I can use it later for some random project or another.
      Thank you very much, sir – you are too kind! 🙂

  2. Good detail shot and an unusual choice of subject. I loved the disjointed dialogue as well – sounds like me after a few pints of Fuller’s ESB 😉

  3. Thanks you very much! I like to approach these challenges from unique angles if I get a chance… sometimes it takes quite a bit of head scratching first!
    I’m glad you enjoyed that… I often struggle with the verbal part of my blog… I’m always hopeful I can keep things somewhat entertaining!
    Thank you so much for stopping by (and your kind comment as well) – I very much appreciate that! 🙂

  4. Cool photo! It was exciting getting that board out of the computer remember? Who knew circuit boards were so sharp!?

  5. I like this one. Going monochrome takes the new edge off of it. I love how some of the resistors look like cars in the left side of the shot. Good imagination for the prompt.

    • Thanks, Red!
      I’m very happy to hear you liked this one!
      Originally I was thinking about turning something like this into a painting, too!
      I guess it’s ‘on the list’…
      (which is only about ten notebooks long at this point)!

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