Maple Leaves

I guess it’s Friday – a little color should be okay today, right? Have a great weekend, everyone!

Biology Teacher: “…and it uses its own pigment molecule, chlorophyll, to carry out the action. This does not make the ribosomes happy. And poor chlorophyll is caught in the middle of this…”

Billy Madison: “Chlorophyll? More like ‘bore-ophyll’! Right? Jeez, a little bit stuffy in here, huh?”

Annoyed Female Student: “Don’t talk to me.”

Billy Madison: “And why is that?”

Annoyed Female Student: “Because you’re a loser.”

Biology Teacher: “… from these ribosomes. And chlorophyll helps the chloroplast…”

Billy Madison: “No, I will not make out with you! Did you heart that? This girl wants to make out with me in the middle of class! You got ‘chlorophyll man’ up there talkin’ about God knows what, all she’s talking about is makin’ out with me! I’m here to learn, not to make out! Go on with the chlorophyll!”

Robert  Smigel, Adam Sandler & (? Annoyed Female Student ?) РBilly Madison

About this image: digital photograph, moderatly modified