This is what happens when you set your camera directly on a large metallic landmark and frantically jab at the shutter release button.

Oops I did it again… I posted an arch…

My red vinyl’s all in the wash… Oh what a shame… Oh, baby, baby…

(wasn’t that a Britney Spears song?)

Original Gateway Arch post here…

About this image: digital photograph, lightly modified


62 thoughts on “Gateway

  1. Somehow it reminds me of a science fiction movie! Love the picture! Do you live near the arch? I used to visit St. Louis back in the early ’90’s and find the arch very fascinating.

    • Thank you very much, sir!
      We used to live near enough to see it from the top of our street (just outside the Saint Louis city line). We currently live about 30 – 40 minutes away or so… which is a bit of a bummer, because there always seems to be so much happening down in that area. πŸ™‚

  2. I agree with Tracy, it looks like landscape heading off toward the abyss. A ‘Here be Dragons’ sort of landscape going off the map. Very cool shot Robert, really.

    • Thanks very much, Mr. J!
      This is one of those shots I took a million years ago, looked at recently and re-edited with a completely different ‘feel’. It’s funny how my mood at the time completely changes the way I approach an image…

  3. Is that farmland?

    Damn. I posted this commment (above and was one of the first) but for some reason it never took. Now I know what it is after reading all the comments I know what it is so dont think I don’t know.

  4. That is really neat! At first I wondered why the farmland was reflecting the clouds, and then I read your description. Very unique perspective.

    • Thank you Dishy – that is very kind of you!
      It’s full of neat… stuff. To get to the top (and back down) you sit in these little-egg shaped pods that ratchet and rotate on the way up (to account for the curve)… a bit claustrophobic, but pretty cool, really. πŸ™‚

    • You know, I didn’t see that at first (probably because in my mind I kept associating it with downtown STL), but a few people have mentioned that, and now I see that, too! πŸ™‚

  5. I love it. It looks like I’m standing on the wing of an alien spaceship, looking out at the sky.

    This unusual angle of a famous structure reminds me of a TV programme I saw featuring comedian Billy Connolly travelling around Australia. He photographed the Sydney Harbour Bridge … from about 6 inches away from a piece of girder. He was partly being funny because he said he liked to say ‘and this is the Sydney Harbour Bridge’ and see people’s reactions, but he partly also admires the human talent involved in the design and engineering of structures like this and so he was showing the most relevant aspect of it to him. I like that alternative and creative way of looking at things.

    • Very cool, Jayne. I love structures… and the effect that time has on them (so fascinating). Sadly I’ve never been to Australia, but naturally I’ve studied quite a few photos of the Harbor Bridge (and the Opera House, of course). I think every now and then it’s fun to see these iconic feats of engineering from a different angle, or examine some of the tiny details that make them up…

  6. I actually thought this was a shot of fields from an airplane at first glance; it’s just the view out the front door of my childhood home in Ohio. Except the Earth hasn’t dropped off that sharply on the Eastern edge since the 1400s, of course.

    • Seems like it could very well be that, doesn’t it?! I honestly didn’t notice that at first (guess I couldn’t separate myself from the experience of visiting this structure), but a few people mentioned that, and then it seemed so true…

    • This is an extreme close-up of the Gateway Arch in downtown St. Louis, Missouri…
      I thought I’d try a slightly different angle with it (since it’s been photographed so many times already).
      Thank you very much, Juana – you are always very kind! πŸ™‚

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