Elevator, Alton Illinois

Here’s a different treatment of the elevator in Alton Illinois.

Hmm… I really wanted to come up with something clever to say here, but I guess it’s just one of those days. BLAST! Foiled again! Stupid words.

Original Alton elevator post here.

About this image: digital image, moderately modified


30 thoughts on “Elevator, Alton Illinois

    • Well… yeah, I am… I’m thinking I won’t post anything while Anna and I are traveling (no access anyway, probably), and then reducing my posting schedule upon our return. So that still gives me a few days to mess around. Unless I slow down even more. Which is ALWAYS a possibility.

      Thank you, sir!

  1. Clever? You want clever? Why does it remind me of a really bad Japanese horror movie where the buildings come alive?

    • Thank you very much, S.E…
      looking at this again I wish I’d have gotten just a bit lower…
      I think the shapes might have worked a bit better if that streetlight was ‘above’ the structure…

    • Thanks so much, U.M.!
      Yeah, I’m from North Dakota, so you know I’ve seen my share of these bad boys.
      And I can neither confirm nor deny that frame is ripped-off copied from an iPhone border. But I did make it, so… that counts for something, right?! Right?! Eh.

  2. This picture makes me want a peach. Maybe that is because there are peach stands near here? Or maybe I still just want a peach from earlier today…. In any case the photo is peachy! πŸ˜›

    • Sorry, Mary – I was way too unclear about that (stupid words)!
      Anna and I are planning on leaving possibly the week of the fourth… I think… maybe. We’re very decisive. Can you tell?! πŸ™‚

    • I’m sorry, I misspoke when I was explaining about our vacation. I meant to say there would be a few days I didn’t have internet access (when we moved it from our former store to our home). After that, (around the 4th of July and onward) is when we plan on taking our vacation. I really need to proof read my posts! I’m not always the best with words, you know!

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