Here’s a zebra. Sporting some lovely vertical strips… very fashionable. And slimming.

I kinda like the mohawk, too. I wonder if I could rock one of those successfully? Hmm… something tells me I should probably just stick to vertical stripes.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

About this image: digital photograph, moderately modified


56 thoughts on “Zebra

  1. Yes I think it was very sensible of the zebra population to go with the vertical stripes – very slimming. πŸ˜‰

    He’s beautiful. I love the way the lines merge on his shoulder and gently curve by his eye. Actually, I’m thinking that if you have this image at a large enough size a square crop around his eye might look good. In fact a diptych or triptych of zebra patterns might work well. ….Now I just have to find my own zebra…

    • Oh, YEAH! That would be interesting! I might have enough resolution for an on-screen version of something like that, but sadly not enough for print.
      Some day I’m going to have to upgrade my camera body… at this point most peoples cell phones have more power than my DSLR!
      I hope you do, Jayne! I know you would come up with some amazing images of one!

  2. I was just talking about getting a mohawk and I think you may have just help make my mind up. Loving the stripy donkey, they are very cool animals
    Astra Wally

  3. oooo.

    love this one. this could totally hang in my living room…

    um, you know what’s not slimming though? horizontal bw stripes on a senior photo shoot of a girl who isn’t slim to begin with. WHY WHY do people do this to me.

  4. Thanks so much, B.D. – I appreciate that very much!

    That’s why I pretty much just stuck with black t-shirts. I leave all the fashion stuff to people who know… stuff. About fashion. And… stuff.

  5. Wonderful shot – for some reason I immediately thought of the Old Outer Limits intro, ” we control the horizontal, we control the vertical, ….” Now you will have to do a shot of a horse of another colour.

  6. Zebras have a scrawny tail like a cow. I once saw a movie where people were riding zebras. Apparently the director thought we the viewers were too stupid not to recognize the horse tail on those zebras.

    • I take SO MANY bad ones. REALLY bad ones. That’s also the key, though. If I take enough bad ones, eventually there are one or two that I can almost fix in Photoshop.
      A book is definitely one of my goals… it seems like I still need a lot more content, though…

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