And now, another episode of ridiculous conversations heard only here:

Me: “Do you know if we have any potting soil, Annabelle?”

Anna: “I didn’t know we needed to re-pot anything…”

Me: “We don’t. I just want to pour some dirt on the floor…”

Anna (withoutΒ  pause): “Oh, okay. There might be some in the broom closet.”

About this image: digital photograph, moderately modified


68 thoughts on “Transplant

  1. I love this one. LOVE it. In a way it is fitting this was the last photo taken in the empty store. It also sort of reminds me of us.

  2. No offense S-i-G but I’ll bet you could be hell to live with.. seems like your brain is always thinkin of your next creative endeavor. How does Annabelle keep up? (or does she just sit back, wait and see what youre gonna do next?)

  3. Great post! Very creative shot. Most people just sweep the dirt under the rug. This is a much better idea. Hide it in plain sight and plant something in it. If anyone asks, you call it an eco- initiative or just point to the camera equipment.

    • Hahaha… now that’s an idea!
      This could really work over time as well… just gradually increase the size of my ‘garden’!
      Thank you very much for the kind words!

  4. Great photo! πŸ™‚

    [Me: β€œWe don’t. I just want to pour some dirt on the floor…”

    Anna (without pause): β€œOh, okay. There might be some in the broom closet.”]

    Anna: “Oh, and you better clean up the mess when you are done…” πŸ™‚

  5. WONDERFUL. This is something you’d see on a Tumblr, reblogged a bazillion times. Instead, I’ll just pin it on Pinterest, and maybe my three followers will see it.

    The you-and-Annabelle conversations are always my favourite.

    • Thank you so much, U.M. – you are far too kind!
      Eh. Every now and then one kind of works. It’s the whole law of averages thing.

      Hahaha… you should hear some of those that have missed the cut! πŸ™‚

  6. oh, my! I have been such an idiot buying pots all these years…. when I could have done this!! Great idea and very ecological. I think you just started a trend. Go green: don’t be spotless, be potless!

    I loved the conversation. I had several of those after we closed our business.

    Your talent and creativity amazes me…

    • Hahaha… yeah, I guess I got tired of making all those pot middle-men rich!
      (I love that rhyme of yours by the way… it might be stuck in my head for quite a while, though)!
      As your kindness amazes me! Thank you, Juana!

    • I had been cleaning out that attic… so it was almost eerily empty, and then I walked by the thistle outside… and somehow I put those together. Guess I was thinking about what that space might look if it sat vacant for a long period of time.
      Thank you very much for stopping by, Val! I really appreciate it!

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