Weekly Photo Challenge: Old Fashioned

Here’s another shot from the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis. And some stuff about the subject matter. You know… just in case. Never hurts to have the info.

  • Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range No. 502
  • Baldwin, 1916
  • Heavy freight steam engine; hauled iron ore

Dr. Evil: “Right, people you have to tell me these things, okay? I’ve been frozen for thirty years, okay? Throw me a frickin’ bone here! I’m the boss! Need the info.”

– Mike Myers – Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

About this image: digital photograph, moderately modified


42 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Old Fashioned

  1. Excellent shot. Conveys a mood that fits the subject. You can not go wrong with old trains. It is interesting how a photograph like that can trigger a set of associations. For me the following came to mind : Towards the Last Spike by E. J. Pratt, John Wayne (colour 1960’s) westerns, Hooterville & Petticoat Junction, Buster Keaton’s The General, The Last Spike by Pierre Berton, and Gordon Lightfoot’s Canadian Railroad Trilogy.

    • Thank you very much! I love most old ‘stuff’ in general. And old trains are even better yet (I think)!
      That is a very good point that you bring up as well, elmediat! Besides the history / time when these things were in everyday use there is also a personal history each viewer brings to an image. Interesting!

  2. Excellent perspective, SIG, (you’ve been rolling around on the floor again, haven’t you?), it looks like it’s in motion.
    Also, do you remember Dr Evil’s cat after they awoke? It was a ‘bald’ Cornish Rex like my darling Jack, even the same colouring.

    • Thank you very much, S.E… and you know I always do (even without realizing it at this point)!

      I do indeed remember Dr. Evil’s pet (he stole the show a few times)! I was very, very sad to hear about Jack… I didn’t realize they were the same type of cat. I’m terribly sorry about the loss of your friend, S.E…

  3. Another great shot, Inky! There’s a trolley museum here with many old trolleys (of course) as well as trains and buses. I visited with my folks and had so much fun taking pictures. There’s something so beautiful about the mechanics of transportation – at least to me.. and judging from the enthusiasm of train buffs, car collectors, etc. I am not alone.

    • The Trolley Museum sounds like a very interesting place to spend some time!
      The museum here is awfully impressive, too – I’ve only been there once (although as you’ve probably guessed I took a TON of photos). I’d really like to go back some time, because I completely agree with you, Dishy… these things are very fascinating!

  4. Very nice. My wife and I should have taken a trip to St. Louis and visited the museum when we still lived in Missouri.

    I’m $60 dollars away from owning my Pro Photo Theme. Earning money via Google Adsense takes forever.

    I’ll let you see my rookie photography in $60. 🙂

    • Hahaha…
      I don’t know about that, Bo! I bet you take some great photos. AND could get a good deal at the junkyard!
      Thank you very much for stopping by – I really appreciate that!

  5. Yay, more trains! I really like the angle you took the shot on. Definitely something I would not have done. Imparts a certain amount of energy to the picture.

    • Thank you very much, Binky! I tried a few different angles, but this was the one I liked the best… I think.
      I was hoping you would like this one! I have a few more train images I hope to edit and post in the future.

    • Hahaha…
      if there was a baby up there I wouldn’t blame her/him for spitting up!
      Pretty sure I would have passed out cold. Yeah, I’m like Bear Grylls when it comes to heights. Or… you know… the exact opposite.

    • Thank you very much, sir!
      You are right – this train was indeed powered by steam. This museum has trains from many different eras, including quite a few ‘steamers’… it’s a really interesting place… I think they’ve done a very good job with it!

    • Thank you very much, Juana!
      I’ve always had a ‘thing’ for trains… so I particularly enjoyed visiting this museum. You can walk right up to (and even climb around on and in) many of the exhibits! It was so much fun!

  6. Ha, ha, ha love your comment “by the time I post this. . . ”

    This shot is lovely. Very old fashioned.

    Since I’m so late to the party this week, maybe my un-old fashioned turtle blog will be old fashioned. 🙂

    • Thank you very much for stopping by, and for your kind comment as well!
      I’m always late with these, though… it’s getting a bit embarrassing!
      Maybe we can just say we’re both fashionably late… that should count for something, right?!

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