Annabelle preferred a color version of this photo.

I voted for black and white.

I always lose at Yahtzee.

But I won the which-to-post vote. YAHTZEE!

About this image: digital photograph, moderately modified


58 thoughts on “Yahtzee

  1. I love this one too but you know I will pretty much always pick color over black and white. I just can’t help myself! Bright colors! Exciting! Crazy! Weeeeeeeee! Plus the color one has a sort of pulp fiction-y feel to it.

    P.S. Hey Mister Pants-On-Fire you ALWAYS win at Yahtzee!

    • Thanks much, Nigel!
      It was a DSLR. I don’t have an iPhone (although I really enjoy the work I see people do with them), which is why you’ll often see me borrow ideas for film borders/treatment from iPhone images I’ve seen.

  2. I vote for Jillsy Girl’s suggestion – hot hot hot! Anabelle is beautiful and tres seductive as the dice blower.

    Inky, I think you should take this to Vegas and sell it. When you make the big time, don’t forget the little people (like us) 😉

    • Isn’t she, though!
      Hahaha… I’ve never been to Vegas, although I think if I went it would closely resemble a scene from Swingers where I go from fancying myself a high roller to playing low, low, low-limit!

  3. I really like this one! I think the B&W gives it a nice mix of sexy/seductive and mysterious/creepy (for lack of a better word). I feel like there is a very dangerous side to this woman.

    • Thank you very much, LIRI!
      That’s one of the things I liked the best about this version…
      the color seemed to soften it a bit too much (although perhaps in a pulpish way… which is interesting too, I guess).

  4. Beautiful ! Pulp & Noir tone is great. Cover tiles : ” The Maltese Yahtzee”
    “The Big Yahtzee” “In the Heat of The Yahtzee” ……

  5. I love the contrast of light and dark, the relection in the lips and nailpolish..and although I haven’t played it in a long time, I love the game of Yahtzee.

    • Thanks very much, Lynn…
      I thought this one worked best with the extreme contrast / grain, etc… the whole grunge thing seemed like a good fit.

      I am terrible at Yahtzee, but I still like it. Because there isn’t too much heavy mental lifting. Which can be very nice at times. I think. 🙂

    • Thank you so much… that is very kind of you to say!
      Some day I just might cave and post the other version as well!
      Thank you very much for stopping by to visit, Y.P… I appreciate that very much!

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