Hay Bales

Sometimes I don’t mind a bit of lens flare… today I was kinda’ feeling the burn (so to speak). Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Hans: “Ya, once again I am Hans…”

Franz: “And I am Franz…”

Hans & Franz: “And we just want to pump *clap* you up!”

Hans: “Alright, you know, we’ve been on sabbatical the last four months . That’s right.”

Franz: “Ya.”

Hans: “Some 300 scientists from 23 countries made an exhaustive study of our bodies to try to find out if we were real.”

Franz: “Ya, that’s right. Could 2 men be this perfect? Is it genetically possible? Answer? Ya.”

Dana Carvey & Kevin Nealon – Saturday Night Live

About this image: Holga/35mm film scan – moderately modified


49 thoughts on “Hay Bales

    • A lot of times I’m not too thrilled about unexpectedly finding it in a shot… and even more often I’ll try to create some and find I’m not too happy with it, either. I think it works here, though. Maybe.

    • I know you would come up with some amazing photos! It’s the worst when you have a great idea in mind and you can’t get an opportunity to work with them (happens to me all the time… happened again yesterday, too)!

  1. This just makes me sigh… but in a relaxed summer way. Lovely. I feel like I need to be sitting on a porch drinking some southern sweet tea!

    • Thanks very much, sir – I really appreciate that!

      I like it quite a bit. Sometimes it’s nice to really simplify things (there aren’t many ‘settings’ to worry about with a Holga).
      Mine’s a 35mm, but I do kinda’ wish I had a medium format box (because then I could go m.f. or use 35mm and expose the neg. all the way through its sprocket holes, which can be an interesting effect, I think).

  2. Hey…great hay shot! It’s a familiar sight around these parts! I remember back in the olden days when they had the smaller rectanglar bales 😀 I love the Yahtzee shot below!!!

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