Looks like it’s (wait for it… ) *dun dun dun* Weird-out Wednesday *dun dun*! No worries, though… no one got squeezed in production of the above. Not that I’m one to pinch and tell. This is actually a piece from ye olde undergrad thesis show… if that… lends the slightest bit of credibility. At all. Anyway, something a bit calmer Friday. I promise. Unless I have a really awful Thursday.

About this image: original image from flatbed scanner, printed and photographed with sheet-film pinhole camera, pinhole print re-scanned and digitally modified


52 thoughts on “Devices

    • It is a bit bizarre, isn’t it? I hope not too much so. I have to keep everyone on their toes every now and then you know. I’d hate for people to start falling asleep over here… seems like that would be bad blogging business!

    • Hmm… good question, Bearman.
      Originally it was a bad reference to both ‘intentions’ and the tool.
      I thought I was being all clever at the time, but the more I think about it… eh. Not so much. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks very much, Mr. J!
      A lot of that distortion comes from the pinhole camera, so I can’t take too much credit for how it all worked out… although I’d like to! πŸ™‚

  1. Love this, Inky. Given my liking for tools, that would be a given, but I esp. like the perspective. Looks like you took this over glass, somehow.. Wonders never cease. I give you an A+ (hope they did too!)

    • Thank you very much, Dishy! I really appreciate that!
      The distortion comes from a pinhole camera I used to rephotograph an image I’d produced with a flatbed scanner. You can achieve similar effects in Photoshop, but I had access to a darkroom at the time, so it was fun to play around with the real thing!
      My photo / digital imaging professor was a pretty cool guy… he always acted like he was a tough grader, but he always seemed pretty generous to me…

    • I like to keep people interested, and it seems like creeping them out a bit sometimes might be a part of that. Maybe. But I’m never quite sure about that, so I was very happy to hear you liked this one, Ms. D… thank you!

    • Thank you very much!
      Hahaha… absolutely! Or maybe behind his receptionist’s desk… just as a bit of friendly encouragement for patients to pay their bills on time…

    • Oh man, that is beyond kind of you to say, Cecelia – thank you very, very much! I’m always a little nervous about posting the more dramatic images… I’m never really sure how they will go over, so it was particularly nice to hear this! Thank you again! πŸ™‚

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    • I really appreciate that, sir… thank you very much!
      I love all the texture in old metal… I know it’s wrong not to take care of your tools, although if you don’t you can get some fairly interesting photos out of them!

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