Girl with the Pink Earring

It seems Scarlett Johansson was ‘ unavailable’ to do a Girl with the Pearl Earring shoot. Luckily, Annabelle was willing to rock the heck out of this pink variety. Which is a relief. Because (believe it or not) I can’t quite pull off the look. *whew* Crisis averted.

About this image: digital photograph, lightly modified


57 thoughts on “Girl with the Pink Earring

  1. Wow! I should change my name to Freckles Galore! Do you think they would cast me as a Bond girl if I did? Hmm… probably not. But the picture is fun! Though I should really use more sunscreen…. Oh, being a redhead is so difficult! 😛

  2. I actually find the way you’ve framed this one a little disturbing. I can’t help but imagine poor Annabelle going through life without eyes, a nose, or a mouth.

  3. Love the creativity and the banter – reminds me of Nick & Nora Charles, you do reveal mysterious photos.
    I have some shots I was considering using and you have once again given me a couple of ideas. By the way, for some reason when I first looked at the earring I thought “pink lips with marshmallows”.

    • That is very nice to hear, sir – thank you so much!
      And any day I can provide the slightest bit of inspiration is a good day! I’m very much looking forward to seeing what you’re working on! That marshmallow idea really strikes me as a good one… I hope that you do something with that, too, so I’m not tempted to steal ‘borrow’ it!

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  5. Hey…great title and photo…sorry I’m remiss about getting over here…I’m always glad when I do come by. I enjoyed the banter between you and your sweetie 😀

  6. Wow eleven fingers… neat. It looks like the old west aged photographs except for the (I’d say purple) earring. It looks like (I thought it was) dirt on her face, but it goes with the western thing like maybe she’s in a barn.

    Striking photograph.

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