Mackinac Bridge

Here’s a shot of the third longest suspension bridge in the world… or, well… part of it, anyway. What can I say, 26,372 feet is a lot of bridge. Cropity crop.

Have a great weekend, everyone! More numbers here, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Stephanie Mangano: “You know all about the bridge, don’t ‘cha.”

Tony Manero: “That’s right. I know everything about that bridge.”

– Karen Lynn Gorney and John Travolta – Saturday Night Fever

About this image: digital photograph, moderately modified


66 thoughts on “Mackinac Bridge

    • I had to ‘help this one out’ quite a bit, because when it was very flat and hazy the day I took this shot…
      thank you very much, Astra – it was very nice to hear you liked it!

    • It was pretty cool, C.O.R…
      I wish we had more time to spend there… to check out different angles / vantage points and take some shots at different times of day and under different conditions.
      Thank you very much!

    • We did spend quite a bit of our time in Michigan, but we never made it to the island (although we considered it). I’ve never been there, my wife has, and she seemed to remember that they don’t allow cars…

    • Hahahah…
      I hadn’t even noticed… I was too busy staring at the giant bipedal ape-like creature that was running around the parking lot… oh, no wait, that was just me…

  1. Now that’s a lot of bridge! πŸ™‚
    I like this shot for the black and whiteness of it. It reminds me of a drawing. One you could draw.
    Hope you day is great and you are happy and well.

    Deb xx

    • It was very cool!
      Thank you so much, Ms. A! It reminded me a bit of a drawing, too… especially the trees…
      Thank you again – I hope that you have a wonderful weekend as well!

  2. Great shot. You’re getting close to my part of Canada. We would make a few trips to Mackinac Island in our younger days. First time was part of a school trip ( as the young fresh faced teachers) later on we took both sets on in-laws . Haven’t been in awhile, the border is not what it used to be.

    • I didn’t realize that, sir… very cool!
      We didn’t make it to the island on this trip, (my wife had a very specific destination in mind and we were running a bit short on time by that point) but we had considered it. I have never been there, but my wife visited a while back. Maybe some day… πŸ™‚

  3. Love the pic and thanks for the stats on the bridge. I’ll share this with my husband as he has “issues” with extremely long scary bridges. I’m sure he’ll add this to his “never ever in a lifetime unless I’m drugged and unconscious” list.

    • Thank you very much, Y.A.W.!
      Hahaha… you know, I can definitely understand that. I had considered a few scary things before we crossed it (surprisingly, when we were actually on the bridge I was able to distract myself by taking lots of photos, though).

  4. It’s so lovely! It probably goes without saying that I wish I was there! It would be really cool to walk across this one. I’m glad we at least got to stop and take some pictures. We’ll definitely make it to the island sometime!

    • I’d probably have to stop and take a nap or two half way across (maybe at one of the towers). But I’m shocked, Annabelle… I would have guessed you’d have completely given up on visiting the island! πŸ˜‰

    • I like Saturday Night Fever quite a bit. My wife sometimes makes fun of me when I watch it, but that usually doesn’t slow me down!
      Thank you so much, sir – you are always very kind!

    • That’s very interesting! Thanks Mr. H!
      The number might be a bit misleading, because I think it includes the total length, not just the span… but still, it’s a pretty impressive feat of engineering! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks very much, B.D.!
      I really messed with tweaked this one… it was SO flat. SO flat.

      Ha! Wait. What’s that supposed to mean? Is there something WRONG with moody men? What the? Blah!

  5. That’s a lotta bridge!
    It does have an interesting, dreamy sort of feel to the image. The tower looked like the golden gate bridge to me when I first saw it, though.

    • Absolutely!
      I thought so to, Binky… which makes me want to see the Golden Gate even WORSE now…
      I mean, I HAVE to now, right? For comparison sake? (I don’t know if Google will cut it anymore!)

  6. Oh, how I love bridges… although, from far away like in this shot. I get very nervous driving on them. Now, regardless of my feelings for bridges… this is a stunning shot, Robert! πŸ™‚

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