Lucky Shot… (part two)

It’s been a while since I posted a color version of this image in Lucky Shot (part one), so it seemed about time to share part two. Especially since the 25th is Annabelle’s birthday. Can you believe she puts up with these shenanigans? Me neither – she’s the best – I am a very, very lucky guy! Happy (almost) birthday, Annabelle – I love you!

*note* A few people pointed out (and deservedly so) the apple was getting a bit lost in the b/w version of this image, so I’ve burned it in a bit. Hopefully not too much… I don’t want it to become the focal point of this image, but I definitely wanted it to read better.

About this image: digital photograph – highly modified


64 thoughts on “Lucky Shot… (part two)

  1. Wild! I actually didn’t notice the fruit on her head until I went back to view the color version. Here, it just looks like she has crazy hair. And I love it! I think I actually like this version better. She’s a great model either way with those striking features.

      • I didn’t notice the apple either until I saw the color version. And I think that’s a difference between the two — this one is more about Annabelle, and the other one is more about the scene. I’m also starting to lean towards liking this version better.

        • The apple does get pushed back quite a bit in this one, doesn’t it? In a way I don’t mind requiring a bit of investigation to find more background elements, but on the other I can see how they might be too subtle (I guess the trick is trying to keep information readable while not distracting from the portrait). 🙂

  2. I think I prefer the color version on this one, but they both have merit.

    You’re pretty lucky Annabelle’s artistic too, and can tolerate/appreciate your creativity!

    Happy (almost) Birthday, Annabelle!

  3. Both are beautiful compositions. No doubt, Annabelle is the apple of your eye. Contextually the two images are quite different. In the first the arrow through the apple is the focus of attention with Annabelle’s relationship to them, while in the second, it is Annabelle’s face that is the focal point ( therefore the superior image); the pierced apple is the contextual element. Happy birthday.

    • It is indeed an arrow through an apple. I originally took these as references for a painting/mixed media piece, but I couldn’t resist messing around with the photos themselves!

    • Thank you very much, Y.P.!
      Many people seem to agree with you on that! I’m thinking about going back into this version and burning in the back of the apple a bit more… it does seem to get a bit lost.

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